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Elements of a Great Sponsored Social Media Post

Social media has inevitably evolved into an indispensable part of our lives. Checking newsfeeds on Twitter, stalking our favourite celebrities on Instagram, sharing memes on Facebook, or watching hours of content on Youtube has become a part of our routine. The perks and services social media offers has gradually crept in our lives and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we’re dependent on these digital platforms in many ways. 

Sponsored social media posts are integral to a brand’s marketing as it has the potential to reach out to an unlimited target group. Social media platforms are a great tool that allows brands to familiarize with, interact with, and educate their audience about new products or upcoming events. Great ideas can lead to great success if the correct strategies are used. 

Piccolo PR is here to enlighten you about elements of an impactful, sponsored social media post:

Attractive Visuals and Videos

It is scientifically proven that images and videos tend to have a long-lasting impact on our brain when compared to plain text. When posting about your brand on social media, make sure to add relevant pictures and videos to increase engagement and get more views. Just posting a lengthy paragraph or features of your product may not grab the attention of your potential consumers. Audiences these days have developed choices and demands, and having something aesthetically pleasing to look at can definitely increase your chances of attracting consumers on social media.

Make Your Posts Appealing

There is no dearth of content on social media platforms. As there are millions of users, there are a plethora of brands and businesses who work hard to capture the audiences’ attention. To distinguish your brand from others and in order to reach out to a large number of people, ask yourself “What is different about my post?” and “Would I care to look at this post if it popped up on my timeline?” These questions will guide you in developing your social media post so that it is effective and doesn’t disappoint both you and your consumers.

Call to Action

It’s always a good idea to include a call-to-action in your sponsored social media posts. Encouraging viewers to check out the brand’s Instagram page, to “learn more” by clicking on a link, or links to videos related to the topic are highly appreciated and can increase engagement. Embedded content adds a nice effect to your post and lets you showcase your brand’s outlook and vision to the consumers. This is a good way to portray how involved and dedicated your brand is to providing services. There is no doubt; your brand will shine when you use an effective call-to-action strategy.

Prioritise Your Target Audience

Sponsored media posts have the potential to make a huge difference in your brand’s reach. Customize your posts according to the specific target audience in front of whom you want to position your brand. Changing the visual imagery or even the nuances of language to suit your audience will have a huge impact. Making certain changes and polishing your media posts according to the demographics, culture, age-group and other factors will certainly aid you in getting more views on your posts.

Appeal to Emotions

A sponsored social media post is not just about selling your product to the consumers but more about how many hearts you touch with your content. Do not focus on just stating the features and quality of the product but instead let the viewers know what difference the product would make in their lives. Through an effective post, convey to the viewers how the product would be useful to them and why should they buy it. Give details, be empathetic, and think from the audiences’ perspective. If your post looks genuine, credible and empathetic enough, then you will be rewarded with high engagement.

Creativity is the Key

Making plain text of information appear interesting to the audience is an art that’s necessary for the social media industry. Make sure you are giving out all the essential information and details in your sponsored media post but at the same time ensure that the information is written in a charming way that doesn’t go unnoticed. Make use of storytelling techniques and put emphasis on punchy words and sentences. The audience should feel that the copy is talking to them and persuading them to give their precious time to the brand! 

Focus on the Layout

Along with posting engaging content, make sure you’re formatting your post in an appealing manner. Use a colour scheme of white, black and red, because these are attractive colours that research says are effective in grabbing eyeballs. Do not neglect the design aspect, and be sure to use high-quality videos and images. Your posts should soothe the eyes, please the mind, and encourage the brain to go for the brand!

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