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Brand Strategy

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Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is our first love

Our approach to crafting a robust brand strategy starts with a full immersion into your business to help you find your unique voice and stand out from your competition.

By taking the time to find the story behind your business – and the story of how your brand has grown and evolved – we gain a clear understanding of what matters to you most, why you do what you do, how you do it, and the goals you have for your business.We love learning about your industry too. Your first-hand experience is so valuable and we combine that with our own expertise and commitment to exploring further knowledge to deliver a brand strategy that aligns with your brand vision and intention.

manage your goals and exceed your expectations

Manage your goals – and exceed your expectations

Short-term AND long-term goals each have their place in effective brand positioning and sustainable brand success.

Every piece of communications that we create and implement is supported by research, strategic industry insights and a vision to help you do better business, we create sustainable outcomes that ensures your brand is known, liked and respected.

This power of personalised attention is a strength that our small, experienced team delivers with consideration and 
meticulous research.

brand identity begins with brand architecture

Brand identity begins with brand architecture

Before creating your brand strategy, we find the special story behind your 
business – your why.

We work with you holistically to ensure we understand your objectives, key messages, and visions of success, then build out your brand awareness using your distinct voice.

Starting, leading and enriching conversations – both in traditional media and in the digital PR space – is at the core of what our brand strategists do for your brand.

The more recognisable your voice and brand identity becomes, the more you will become top of mind in the lives of your target audience, as well as the influencers, commentators and reviewers who help brands become even bigger.


Find your voice

Your brand story is unique – and your brand voice needs to be distinctive too.

Honing the right brand identity is the building block for all other strategic campaigns in your business.

Unsure of what direction to go in?

Detailed, thorough brand marketing strategy from Piccolo PR can help. We’ve already created successful, memorable brand strategies for clients in a variety of sectors including kids’ fashion, beauty, lifestyle and wellness.

Create a strategic campaign

Even if two brands have similar target audiences, no two campaigns will ever be the same.

By analysing the best way to engage with your target audience, we will help you curate a strategic vision that aligns with your objectives – whether that’s increasing sales, reaching a specific demographic, or creating more overall awareness for media opportunities.

The benefits of brand strategy

To give you a thorough understanding of brand strategy, it helps to realise the benefits that a well-researched brand strategy can bring.

By creating engaging, exciting content, our talented team helps your brand drive emotional reactions from customers and clients. The more people genuinely care about your brand, the more they will want to see your brand succeed.

The buzz a great brand needs to succeed can happen in real-life conversations with friends, family and colleagues, but, far beyond that, social media sharing adds a unique contemporary power.

Underpinning it all is thoughtful, creative and well executed brand strategy that reflects your brand with consistency and care.

PR amplification

Establishing your brand voice is an essential 
foundation. Next?

Our personalised approach gives you the choice to do as little, or as much as you like, for public relations amplification that ensures your brand message achieves reach that you can measure.

With a robust brand awareness strategy, our experience guides you to make better decisions – and enjoy better results.

Optimising the reach of each message you share with your audience lets your brand voice be heard clearly and distinctly.

At Piccolo PR, we live, breathe – and love – brand strategy.

Let us turn your brand vision into reality.

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