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Build Awareness

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Build Awareness

Grow stronger and faster

Strategies to build brand awareness can deliver impressive outcomes.

From product placement and editorial to sponsorships and crisis management, we’re the Melbourne PR agency dedicated to helping you get the results you need to grow. With our specialist, supportive partnership, you can launch a new product, service or brand in a way that gets the right eyes on you, at the right time.

intelligent media awareness strategy

Intelligent media awareness strategy

Media awareness is often critical for industry-leading brands to get to the top and stay at the top.

Whether you need to recover from an internal crisis, gain awareness for a sponsorship opportunity or make use of founder profiling, our relationships with mainstream media channels, digital outlets, and influencers can all help you make waves. 
Our proactive efforts can also help lock in positive press coverage, with unique and engaging pitches that grow your 
brand’s credibility.

exploring better ways to build brand recognition

Exploring better ways to build brand recognition

Our strategy is to be reactive to news agendas and help raise our clients’ profiles, while maintaining strong media relations.

By responding quickly to media inquiries, we set the tone for future coverage and ensure you never miss out on 
valuable opportunities.

At Piccolo PR, our content creation expertise enables you to share messaging that is aligned with your brand values - and your brand’s vision.


Why building brand awareness is important for your business

To help gain and retain loyal customers and clients, building brand awareness can influence customer shopping habits and purchasing decisions.

Instead of choosing before they make a decision to buy from your brand, building better brand awareness can motivate your clients and customers to buy your products and services without thinking twice about it.

What is brand awareness?

Put simply, brand awareness is a marketing term that describes the way consumers recognize a specific brand (and products or services it sells) through recognition of the brand’s logo, or other images and content related to the brand.

Each time you imagine the Apple computer brand and automatically envisage the Apple logo with the bite missing from an apple, as well as the knowledge that they sell laptops, mobile phones and other devices, that’s brand recognition.

Effective digital marketing techniques that raise awareness – and engage your target audience

Strategic digital marketing techniques are an essential ingredient for building brand awareness. At the heart of that, is the creation of dynamic, engaging content.

Establishing a reputation as a thought leader in your industry is another brand awareness strategy Piccolo PR can help manage for you.

How to optimize media placement results

With so many strategies to increase brand awareness, Piccolo PR can help you choose the most effective, sustainable way to build your brand’s profile.

Our team of brand awareness experts can design, implement and promote a brand strategy that helps you generate measurable results.

Consistency is key

When it comes to finding ways to build greater brand awareness, establishing a consistent, recognisable brand identity is key.

We will help you create compelling, aligned content that strengthens your brand’s image – and helps you make you the most of brand-building opportunities that help your brand become even more visible.

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