Small talk

Five children and one woman site together in a row of colorful chairs with balloons and confetti thrown around, showcasing some of the unique creative content made for kids marketing strategies.
3 Aug 2020

Piccolo PR Provides…Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Kids’ Brands

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Kids’ Brands   Children of all ages represent an important demographic to market

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Vector art of a giant microphone and three workers showcase digital web tools like zapier, hootsuite, and canva.
1 Aug 2020

5 Best PR Tools for Emerging Startups

5 Best PR Tools for Emerging Startups   PR is comprehensive. When it comes to PR it requires a set of skills, talents, and t

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15 Jul 2020

Keeping Track of Success: How Google Analytics Can Help Shape Your Strategy

Online marketing is never an easy thing. To figure out whether your strategy is working effectively, you must first begin col

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Depending on the platforms that you use, it's important to prepare your digital content for maximum success in your marketing campaign.
13 Jul 2020

How To Use Digital Video Content to Beef Up Your Marketing Campaign: Piccolo PR Tips

    Video has proven to be an effective and influential way to reacher a wider audience with your marketing campaig

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Building an energetic landing page can bring more customers to your business.
7 Jul 2020

Make The Perfect Landing Page with Piccolo PR’s Top Tips

Have you experienced that impulse to explore more about a brand as soon as you clicked on their link and saw the landing page

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SEO for small businesses is more crucial then ever, which is why it is crucial to optimize your websites so you can build traffic.
3 Jul 2020

Piccolo PR Knows…Why Your Business Needs SEO Now More Than Ever.

Every business is talking about SEO nowadays, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimiz

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