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Traditional Grecian home for sale with white steps, plants everywhere, and two pale blue chairs in front.
18 Sep 2020

Is Social Media Necessary for Real Estate Success?

It comes to no surprise that you can find just about anything for sale over social media. As people share different snippets

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Blue typewriter is placed over a pastel pink and yellow background ready to be used for copy writing.
10 Sep 2020

How To Write Good Copy For Your Brand or Business

Launching a product in the market without creating good copy is similar to a body without a brain; it’s of no use. Copy

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Beauty influencer reviews makeup while recording for her sponsored social media post.
5 Sep 2020

Influencer Engagement And Why It’s Critical For Your Beauty Brand

In today’s times, a brand needs to put itself out there to capture their audience’s attention. The beauty industry is fas

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Women peruses online shopping website on their macbook for essential goods.
3 Sep 2020

How Has COVID-19 Changed Consumer Behavior?

The onset of COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways. Being at home during lockdown has had a significant impact on our l

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Using sponsored posts on social media platforms can allow your products to appear more often in consumers feeds which allows your business t build brand recognition whether your customers are in a cafe or at home.
1 Sep 2020

Are Sponsored Social Media Posts Worth the Money?

It comes as no surprise that we are all heavily reliant on our mobile phones. The second we wake up in the morning, we roll o

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Investing in a PR agency to help your emerging start-up can be an useful way to bring attention to your business while it is still young.
26 Aug 2020

How Public Relations Can Help Emerging Start-ups

In today’s competitive global environment it is critical for brands from all sectors, whether its e-commerce, apparel, or b

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