Small Talk

Three models for Fashion Brand
25 May 2022 How to Build Buzz for your Fashion Brand

Managing a fashion brand is a serious affair. From long hours at developing strategies to ensuring the brand remains visible, it is no easy task. But

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Two women talking each other.
8 Apr 2022 Which Mediums Should Your Brand Use?

Thinking of which public relations mediums you need? Here’s a rundown of the tools that you can use for brand exposure and why you need them. 

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Woman smiling and holding a cup.
1 Apr 2022 PR Trends 2022

Public relations practitioners play a vital part in a brand’s reputation. Good PR helps you promote the brand image that you’ve built and protects

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A person working with a laptop.
25 Mar 2022 Crafting a LinkedIn Profile to Position You as an Industry Expert

Your LinkedIn profile is a place for you to build your personal brand, showcase skills and achievements, network with other industry professionals and

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Three women in pink outfit.
18 Mar 2022 How Your Brand Should Engage with Gen Z

Making up around 20% of Australians and almost 30% of the world’s population, ‘Zoomers’ are now the largest generation ever. Being the first

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Woman holding a phone.
11 Mar 2022 How to Make the Most of Your PR Internship

So let me guess, if you’re reading this you’re either nearing the end of your PR/ communications degree, or you’ve just tossed your cap

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