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Influencer Marketing

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Influencer Marketing

Influence your market

Effective influencer marketing can help you amplify your content across channels, foster real-time customer interactions and create a buzz around your campaigns.

At Piccolo PR, we’ve built our impressive reputation on creating, implementing and nurturing public relations strategies across many different aspects of strategic brand communications.

We apply that same level of expertise and care to the results-driven influencer marketing strategies we deliver to our valued clients – no matter how large or small.

what is an influencer

What is an influencer?

An influencer is an identity – often with a direct connection to your industry – who has the potential to sway your target audience.

The true success of an influencer is their ability to motivate people to connect with your brand on a deeper level. For many brands who align with an ideal influencer match, this kind of marketing can deliver impressive results.

types of influencer

Types of influencer

Although the earliest days of influencer marketing found success on radio and television, when most people today imagine an influencer at work, they envision the social media space, where commentary and imagery can be shared globally at the press of a device.

For emerging brands keen to benefit from the attention an influencer can bring to their business, micro-influencers and bloggers can offer a positive introduction to the influencer marketing space.

Our curated library of influencers and virtual friends means that we can help you find the ideal influencer marketer alignment that will help raise brand awareness and fulfil your business goals.


The right influencer marketing platform for your brand

With so many influencers working with so many diverse brands, matching the ideal, most effective influencer to your marketing strategy is a critical step in your brand success story.

It’s why our Piccolo PR team learns everything we can about your brand. We start by having conversations about your brand with you. Then we expand that knowledge with our own added research that gives us access to deeper industry insights.

So, whether you imagine your brand messaging going viral on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, trust our Piccolo PR team to deliver the right information that will help you optimise your reach to suit your budget.

How to choose the right social influencer?

Understanding the right platform to share your message is strengthened when the right person is sharing that message.

Piccolo PR understands the fresh – and lucrative – opportunities a high-profile social influencer can bring to your business. We also know that not all social influencers suit all brands.

Alignment of values matters – and taking the time to match your brand with an influencer who honours and enhances your brand integrity is the difference between good results and great ones.

Creative content to drive action

From screening and integrity checks to event 
live-streaming and content boosting, Piccolo PR manages your influencer campaign, end-to-end.

For the ideal combination of creative content AND a strategic way to share it, we’ll create an influencer marketing strategy to help your brand shine.

Your brand has an amazing story. With our guidance and experience informing an effective influencer marketing strategy, it’s time to share that story even further…

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