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Brand Ambassador

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Brand Ambassador

What is a brand ambassador?

Brand ambassadors are engaged by PR firms, private companies, NFPs, charities or brands, to boost sales and/or audience engagement.

The right brand ambassador can help portray a brand in a positive light, in a public-facing role that may involve social media collaboration, media interviews, or appearances at live events.

At first glance, it’s a fun collaboration but, what sits underneath the seemingly frivolous connection between brand and brand ambassador is a key ingredient in a holistic brand strategy that’s designed to deliver fantastic results.

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The perfect face for your business

When you want the credibility of a trusted, well-liked third party to create and enhance social proof and reach a wider audience, a brand ambassador is a 
great option.

By strengthening partnerships between brands and unique brand ambassadors, your business can experience measurable growth that is an extension of deeper audience engagement and connection.

Knowing your brand values and helping you hone your brand voice and key messaging underpins every aspect of our brand communication strategies - for results that are tailored to your needs.


Becoming a brand ambassador

Choosing the right person to become a brand ambassador is something our Piccolo PR team takes very seriously.

Like any powerful PR strategies, alignment is key. You’ve worked hard building your brand. Collaborating becomes genuinely powerful when there is an ideal fit of values.

We ensure that only the best possible people are chosen to become brand ambassadors.

Becoming a brand ambassador is definitely not one-size-fits-all.

One brand ambassador may be perfect for one brand – and wrong for another.

At Piccolo PR, our commitment to learning everything we can about the brands who become our clients is at the heart of every decision we make – including choosing amazing brand ambassadors.For the brand ambassadors keen to pursue their own dreams, it makes sense too.

By matching brands with brand advocates who share similar levels of ambition, motivation and integrity, your business can experience measurable growth, with amazing benefits for everyone involved.

Potential, publicity power and
positive messaging

With the right brand ambassador supporting your
brand’s potential, every announcement your brand makes can be magnified, through the connections, reach and important relationships that brand ambassador brings with them to the partnership.

Whether you measure the power of your collaboration in social media reach, or the heightened awareness that quality brand ambassadors can help create, choosing a brand ambassador with the support of our Piccolo PR team can deliver enormous value to your brand.

Meaningful collaboration

When you choose an ambassador, it’s important that they fully believe in and support what you stand for.

When you think of them as a chapter in the brand story that is so important for you to tell, you’ll understand how critical it is to choose wisely.

Whether you wish for an Instagram brand ambassador to broaden your global brand awareness horizons, or if you want to focus on local media with the power and support of a high-profile local identity to propel your brand to new levels of success, trusting our Piccolo PR team to align the ideal brand representative to your brand is a decision that can help deliver genuine results.

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