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Media Training

Make the most of media opportunities

As awareness of your brand continues to build, Piccolo PR can help connect you to media platforms that are happy to share your story - and call on you as a go-to industry specialist commentator to enrich relevant newsworthy stories associated with your industry and specific expertise.

Media opportunities can deliver incredible results – as long as they are handled the right way.

Our media and public relations experience means that we understand how different media platforms operate – and the types of stories that may be relevant for you and your brand.

say it the right way

Say it the right way

Whatever message you’re hoping to put out into the world, it’s crucial to do it effectively and in a way that makes a real impact.

With a 24/7, always-on media cycle, being prepared will help you deliver messages with ease, skill, relevance and meaning. Global reach, via social media and platforms such as Youtube, mean that media appearances can be seen by a huge 
number of people.

This can mean amazing things for your business. To help you avoid embarrassment and manage media invitations in a professional, brand-building way, our Piccolo PR media training specialists also offer social media training that helps your brand respond to both positive and negative comments in a way that is brand-affirming.

social media training

Social media training

To build your brand with clarity and a long-term vision for sustainable 
success, understanding social media requires training by experienced social 
media specialists.

At Piccolo PR, we can help you manage your own brand voice in the digital space, but also how to ensure any team members you have know how to operate as positive brand advocates.

Working with brand ambassadors is another reason to choose our Piccolo PR social media training as part of your public relations and brand communications strategy.

At Piccolo PR, we help you build on that foundation by ensuring you learn positive, effective ways to manage your social media messaging - and deal with public interactions on your brand pages.


Melbourne Media Training

Before you represent your brand in the media spotlight, media training by our experienced media training specialists is an essential step towards media 
marketing success.

Strengthen your media presence and brand positioning

To showcase your brand in the best possible light, Piccolo PR provides you with effective media training that will give you the knowledge you need to get your message across and inspire a fresh audience of potential customers and clients to discover more about your brand.

Our extensive public relations industry experience helps you recognise news-ready narratives that are aligned with your brand values.Being media savvy opens doors.

By helping you realise your own potential as an effective brand spokesperson, you can boost your chances of being invited back for further appearances. A sustainable media strategy doesn’t happen overnight but, by building a profile as a brand/industry expert who can be relied on to add value and offer meaningful, practical insights, repeat invitations to media appearances or live special events is a strategic approach to maximise your brand-building success.

Media training for crisis management

Gaining media attention when times are tough can be challenging but with our quality media training, Piccolo PR helps you achieve powerful media coverage that can help your brand address concerns and issues in a way that’s clear, honest and open.

Melbourne media training helps you identify difficult questions and reply with an answer that is positive, focused and non-combative.

Piccolo PR media training prepares you for every possible eventuality – both good and bad – so you can face journalist’s questions with the calm, assured confidence that helps your brand achieve the positive word-of-mouth needed to restore and enhance your reputation.

PR amplification

Any brand that is serious about growth and greater connections with a broader audience should look to the media for emerging opportunities that could help your brand reach bigger audiences.

With the support of our Piccolo PR media training and PR training, your brand will be media-ready.

What might be around the corner? With professional Melbourne media training to prepare you properly, the possibilities are endless…

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