Vector art representing a retail or e-commerce brand.

Retail and eCommerce PR Agency Melbourne

The e-Commerce smarts to help you shine.

Retail and e-Commerce PR Agency Melbourne Piccolo PR is your one-stop, end-to-end communications house specialising in everything that’s needed for an elevated brand.

With over two decades of experience in Retail and e-Commerce PR, we have the networks, skills and deeply honed communications expertise to help you stand out in a saturated market. Looking for a PR agency who can distill the key features of your brand and transform them into a compelling story to captivate your audience? From launching brands into retail stores to exciting e-boutiques and more, we take pride in establishing and representing brands of influence.

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Retail and e-Commerce PR Marketing

An in-house approach tailored to your needs.

Retail and e-Commerce PR Marketing is an artform. At Piccolo PR, industry expertise and outstanding client/network relationships are the foundation of all we do.

World-class strategy.

We thrive in the busy Retail and e-Comm industry. Whether you’re launching nationally or expanding into new markets, our ability to craft extraordinary brand stories will take your consumer real estate to whole new levels. Looking for exemplary product rollout, a fabulous launch or creative online advertising? Our team of expert communicators can tailor a best-fit strategy for your unique needs and brand interests.

Giving you a real voice.

We’ll start by helping you construct or refine your brand identity in order to distill all-important key messaging. From here, we develop your strategy: let’s take a deep-dive into the world of your brand story to reverse-engineer a narrative that positions you perfectly. We’ll take action to get your brand in front of those most likely to purchase, advocate and sustain their engagement.

Woman looks over tablet with online shopping options surrounded by four indoor plants as consumers shop online more thanks to covid-19.

We offer you:

  • Retail and e-Comm PR strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Print media and editorial coverage
  • Product launches, openings and event-hosting
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Content creation

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Online Public Relations Agency

PR inspired and driven by your success.

An Online Public Relations Agency that takes a load off your shoulders? We’re here to do exactly that.

World-class communications strategy.

With over 20 years of experience achieving exciting coverage for our retail and e-Comm clients, we’re driven by the prospect of building you a brand you’re truly proud of. Our team of creative and deeply passionate PR professionals will help you distill your brand narrative, develop your target markets, and deliver your product right into the hands of those who’ll value it the most.

We go the extra mile.

Driven by your success, we’re always on the hunt for coverage that complements the exact nature and needs of your brand profile. Long after our KPIs have been achieved, you can be certain your in-house team at Piccolo PR will be reaching for new exposure, prompting endorsements, concepts and good news stories that extend well-beyond your campaign objectives.

People first.

An Online Public Relations Agency that puts the client first. Trusted by Melbourne businesses for more than two decades, we pride ourselves on maintaining exemplary relationships in all that we do. For you, this means thoroughly enjoyable client-agency conversations, access to world-class influencer networks, and partnership with a team of creative professionals who are experts in their field.

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Vector art representing a retail or e-commerce brand.