Piccolo PR knows… Top trends that you should invest in 2020

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28 Apr 2020

And just like that, a new decade has started. Everyday new technology emerges and, in this day, and age marketing is highly dependent on digital technology. This year the focus should be on consumers because unlike machines, they understand when you’re trying to convince them to purchase your products or services. Instead, the focus should be to provide an excellent consumer experience, and how do you do that?

Learning new trends is the way to go. In this post, we’re going to explore five important trends that are proving important in the business world.


Content Marketing & SEO

The competition for content marketing is extremely wild, you need to stand out.

But, How?

Create Result-focused content! Content marketing goes hand in hand with SEO. Take it like this, SEO creates demand and content marketing provides for those demands. SEO needs content to work and content marketing is content.

SEO is a powerful tool. It increases the organic reach for your content and helps make your brand stand out from the rest of the competition. So, focusing on content marketing will help to increase SEO.

Customer Experience

2020 is the year of the customers. Companies are no longer trying to convince their consumers to buy from them. The interest has moved towards providing a great and friendly customer experience that will make them fall in love with the brand.

They are not third parties anymore. For example, in case of a lifestyle brand, people use digital platforms to learn about products. They are not waiting for anyone to tell them how great a product is. Rather, they are getting online to do their own research.

So, providing them with just the information is not enough. Building a friendly customer experience has become crucial.


It is clear that a person prefers to interact with visual content more than with plain text. It allows site visitors to know more in less time. In 2020, visual content will become even more popular.

Using back-links is a great way to increase search ranking. Visual content is a great way to get tons of back-links in just a few weeks. Developing infographic visual content on a trending topic can improve your SEO drastically for your brand.

Companies provide visual content on their websites and social media channels. Choose images for your website that fits with your brand voice and provides SEO value.

In mobile apps such as Instagram and Pinterest, the whole platform is based on visual content. This increases the potential for visual content to end up being an SEO goldmine for your brand.


Multi-experience, as the name suggests is the consumer interaction on various devices and apps with the brand. This means crafting apps for different platforms based on specific touch points to ensure uniform user experience.

The idea for developing a multi-experience design is to develop a single application that can be used on various platforms.

Domino’s, the pizza company, is a perfect example to better understand the use and importance of multi-experience. They have developed a website and an application for multiple digital devices that allows consumers to engage with the brand products and services with ease.

Companies should develop their digital presence and their user experience in such a way that they hit a point of equilibrium between visual content and multiple experiences. Considering that now people use multiple devices daily, so it becomes important that the user experience is not hampered with.


Personalization basically means putting content that will make the customer feel that their point of view is taken into consideration.

For example, media companies are putting more content that will resonate with the reader. Similarly, advertising agencies also personalize their content to match the interest of their target audience.

In 2020, personalization is more important than ever because people have access to your content from tons of channels. People are getting smarter and ignore all the information that hits them in the face. However, personalized content still manages to grab their interest.

These five trends are proving themselves to be the future of the coming years. They are going to suit your brand whether it’s a lifestyle brand or a media & advertising agency. Along with that they also help to improve user experience and future proof the businesses.