How To Choose A PR Agency In Melbourne

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2 Mar 2022

So, you’re in the process of finding a PR firm for your start-up to boost sales, improve brand reputation and build positive relationships with your audience? You’re searching for PR Agencies in Melbourne and can’t decide which way to go?

Here are 7 things to consider when choosing the perfect agency for your start-up!


What to Expect From a PR Agency

Interacting with PR agency as a new business can be challenging, without much knowledge, it’s understandable for you to have a dozen questions on what the pr agency does and what you can expect.

The following are things you should expect from PR agency.


Expect a PR agency to have a strong PR plan. It’s unlikely you’ll discover a PR agency that doesn’t plan their campaigns or at least have a solid idea for your company. After hiring, your agency should develop a strategy that aligns perfectly with you goals and values. Expect some clear strategies that perfectly lays out the activities and tactics your agency is hoping to accomplish.


Expect your agency to do some through market research. This is a significant element in understanding and communicating with your target audience. Market research can be as simple as identifying demographics within your consumers to outline their habits and interests.


Expect your agency to have a wide range of contacts and impressive reach. Your agency will most likely have experience interacting with the media that specialises with your industry. If you’re looking to promote the person behind your brand, your agency might set up media interviews for profile pieces or broadcast news.


Expect your agency to stay in regular contact. Communication is vital in a PR campaign, a PR agency should be initiating all the contact with you, not vice versa. Whether you’ve decided to communicate by phone or email, whether it’s monthly or fortnightly, expect your agency to keep in contact with you.


Remember to be patient. It can be extremely exciting for a new company to spread the word about your brand, however it’s important to understand that it’s unlikely to see PR results immediately. For PR strategies focusing on press/media releases, expect that publications/magazines can take time publishing their stories. Try to understand the timing of media publications so you can set your expectations around this schedule and when you might see results.


  1. Define your goals

Before Looking for any PR Firm or making decisions with one, establish your company’s goals and values. Companies often jump into PR deals without establishing firm goals with their agencies and as a result lead to disappointment.

Decide the problem you want to solve and ask yourself “What am I trying to achieve?” Are you looking to promote brand awareness? Improve social media presence? Or are you trying to improve your image? The best PR campaigns start with a clear goal and an understanding between the client and the PR agency


  1. Understanding PR Agencies

Countless businesses hire a PR agency before entirely knowing what an agency does and how it works. PR agencies are there to promote numerous companies through media coverage, which is known as “earned media”. Understand that a PR firm has multiple clients to work with and may not spend all their time with you. Understand what a PR agency is and what it’s not. It’s not Marketing or Advertising. Yes, a PR agency can affect sales however, boosting sales isn’t its sole purpose. The better your knowledge of PR, the stronger your relationship is with an agency.


  1. Strategy

Make sure the agency can deliver a clear communications strategy for your brand. Every client should be ready to receive a clear plan outlining the agencies strategy, objectives, and its tactics.


A good PR Strategy should start with identifying the clients’ goals and objectives. Whether it’s’ promoting a new product or building public reputation, ensure your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely, AKA S.M.A.R.T.

Ensure you and the agency know your target Audience. These are the individuals that have impact on the decision making over your brand and its products. Study their behaviours. What publications do they read? Who do they follow? How do they view media?

Make sure the agency is using the right tactics. These are the activities an agency will use to achieve your goals. Strong tactics will use the right distribution methods for your specific goal. Want to promote the launch of a new product? An agencies tactics should be through media/press releases, events, letters to publication editors and influencer outreach.


  1. Budget


Know your budget. It’s important to decide on a firm budget as well as how you would like to spend it when it comes to scouting PR agencies. Agencies in Melbourne can be expensive therefore find a firm that aligns with your spending and make sure you articulate your needs clearly. Your budget can determine the size of the publicity campaign so take the time to consider how much you can afford.


  1. Agency Size

Agencies in Melbourne come in all shapes and sizes. When looking for the right firm, it’s important to note an agencies size as it will most likely influence several aspects of a campaign such as budget, media attention and flexibility. A bigger agency size is not necessarily better than the other and vice versa, however, they come with different benefits. It all depends on what works for you. Smaller agencies may be specialised in your niche, and you are more likely to work personally with the whole team including the CEO. Larger agencies will most likely have access to a wide range of media connections and can get whatever you need. If you’re looking for an agency that understands your brand and its market, a smaller or mid-sized agency might be for you. If you’re in search of media relations and a global reach, larger firms would suit you.


  1. Case studies

Don’t go into a partnership blind. A PR agency may simply state how good they are, but this is not enough, you need to see the hard evidence! Find out what companies they work with and how well they’ve collaborated. Ask the agency for case study examples to assess the work they’ve done for their existing/previous clients especially those that share the same niche and target audience.

Case studies from PR agencies are thorough investigations of previous/existing clients and can often be quantitative or qualitative. A good case study from an agency includes three elements: The business challenges the client faces; the solution provided by the agency and, the success achieved from the crisis, preferably with statistical data. It’s important to note whether the study’s subject matter is relevant to your objectives and utilises relevant data, such as metric results, revenue sales and media engagement.


  1. Chemistry

Last but certainly not least, make sure you have chemistry with your agency! Obviously, they need to be good at what they do but, understand that you will be working with a PR team almost every day, so make sure you like the team and can see yourself working with them. Hiring an agency aligns with your values and goals will ensure a positive and effective PR relationship. Choose a great team who you truly believe will elevate your brand and treat it with respect.


Why Boost Company PR?

Public relations is one of the most significant tools for a business, small or large, to create a solid foundation of success and build on its advertising and marketing campaigns. Brands are starting to catch on to the value of PR and are now spending hours creating PR strategies to help achieve their goals and improve its public reputation.

Boosting a company’s PR can help improve and increase a brand’s credibility.  A good PR strategy can help build trust and valuable relationships between the company and its target audience. Without trust, a business lacks the ability to increase overall reputation. PR professionals can allow the brand to be seen as reliable through positive stories published in the media or mentioned by well-respected journalists. Consumers are more likely to trust brands recommended from unbiased and respected sources. For a brand, this could mean a genuine interest from consumers and an increase in credibility. In addition, an increase in consumer interest will ultimately increase brand’s sales too.

PR also strengthens a business online presence. In today’s digital society, it’s crucial for a brand to connect with their consumers. Public relations professionals can create a strong online presence that connects to their target audience and newer audiences while providing the support to market themselves online. A PR pro will know the right communications channels to use and the perfect influencers to help build awareness all while keeping the brand’s message and values intact. Knowing how to communicate with well-known media individuals and a brand’s target audience is an important element in the success of a brand’s marketing campaign and if approached correctly, the campaign can drive audiences to a sale.



Many PR agencies can run effective PR campaigns, however, an effective PR with the right agency of your choice can be the key to a successful business and can ultimately make you a leader within your company’s market. Any company can come up with a good PR strategy to gain the most success, but a strong PR plan that surrounds its tactics and goals around your company’s identity is more likely to be a great starting point for a campaign. This can include a clear understanding regarding the client’s budget, a mutual respect between the client and the agency, and the establishment of a company’s goals and objectives.

Running a successful campaign can be time consuming and take a lot of effort, but if done correctly with the client’s perfect agency, it can impact the direction of the business greatly. Handling the reputation of business is extremely crucial to a company’s fate, so make sure you take the time to research and choose the perfect agency for you. Every agency is different, but these 7 factors should be recognised when choosing a PR agency in Melbourne.