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Community Outreach and How It Can Help With Your Marketing Strategy

For any business, community outreach is exceptionally crucial as it allows your brand to connect to your local community and build relationships. Here are Piccolo’s tips on how community outreach can help your business’s marketing strategy.

Guest posts and their effects on SEO

Guest posts are a great way to introduce yourself to a new audience and improve your website’s SEO performance. Another benefit of guest posting is that if done on a website that yields significant traffic, it will provide quality backlinks to your site, and increase your appearance on Google’s page. By making a guest post you also pave the way towards new connections with other authors, journalists, and writers.

Reporters need your expert opinion

The primary goal is to connect with journalists, bloggers, and reporters and provide them with a story that is worth writing about. Taking the benefit from community efforts in which your business is already engaged, your brand will be noticed by the local influencers improving your brands’ outreach even further. It never hurts to receive attention from local reporting sources. If you are putting together a community event, reach out to local sources that you’ve built a rapport with and find out if they can cover the story.

Reach out to associated websites for links

Find more sites that focus on the same niche and start a conversation with them. By incorporating those website’s links in your posts you can help build a stronger authority for each other’s sites. Stuffing your posts full of other people’s links won’t always help, but finding trustworthy sites and spreading the backlink love never hurts. It will improve your relationship with other businesses and will also support your marketing strategy. This also helps give your page more authority and ultimately start ranking better.

It is certainly healthy to link other similar niche websites especially when you’re providing high-quality information on a subject. The links that you add can be relevant and useful, providing relevance and higher-quality content to your site. Sharing these web links develops a web of trust and value, which can serve to improve your website’s search results. Everyone knows the importance of links, and people respect those who use this practice. Additionally, many studies suggest that those who link out to similar niche websites are more likely to outperform those who don’t.

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