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Beauty PR: How To Promote Your Brand Online

The digital era has pioneered a huge transition in the marketing and promotion of brands. Gone are the days when top-tier marketing meant flyers being distributed and billboards displayed all over the city. In today’s times, marketing a brand or a product is all about promoting it in the world of digital media where it has the chance to increase brand awareness through your followers, likes, and shares. With a plethora of options to choose from, consumers today need something which keeps them hooked and interested.

Promoting Your Brand Online with Beauty PR

Make use of these helpful tips to make effective use of your digital media:

  • Get on social media! – Yes, the media landscape has changed — you can take advantage of the high concentration of beauty reviewers using Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to provide product reviews.
  • Create a beauty content plan  with compelling content, stunning imagery, and fun designs. Use social media platforms to post relevant pictures and videos using approachable, relevant, and aspirational beauty bloggers to trial the product. Upload makeup tutorials on YouTube, make use of live make-up videos of how to get ‘the look.’
  • Hold giveaway competitions  where you can define the mechanic, encourage competitions, and sharing functionality.
  • Connect with others in your community – Beauty influencers love sharing tips and tricks with others. They create a lot of content to be featured on the grid. Connect with a beauty blogger that resonates with your product to help drive brand awareness. Create a fan club by inviting consumers to become part of the brand, personally involved, and emotionally connected to the product.
  • Sponsor an established beauty influencer – who is on-brand, has high engagement and a strong following to spread the word.
  • Make use of Testimonials – Adding testimonials to your brand’s website and social media pages work to brighten your brand’s credibility. More than ever before, consumers are reading and listening to reviews and feedback from their peers- so don’t be shy to share polished testimonials!
  • Curate relevant keywords and hashtags – Go ahead and share your customers’ experience and their personal reviews using their hashtagged posts. This will help build a like-minded community, and position you as a trustworthy and credible brand.
  • Stay Connected – Never before have brands been able to stay in such close contact with their consumers. Do not hide. It is important you stay connected with your customers, answer any questions or concerns they may have, and respond to complaints or negative reviews – immediately.

All of these can be done in-house but professional agencies can give you opportunities with digital channels/contacts/media that you may not have access to. If you’re looking to invest with a dedicated Beauty PR agency in Australia or beyond, see more of the services we offer on Piccolo PR.


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