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Founder of Piccolo PR, Sarah Cichy, has been growing businesses, brands and reputations through strategic marketing and PR for more than 20 years.

Her proven experience, strategic insights and relationship-building skills have enabled her to forge solid relationships with major media outlets and, as a result, she has successfully represented an impressive suite of local and international brands. Cichy is a masterful communicator and a strategic thinker. At Piccolo PR, she works personally with every client. The way great PR should be.

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The genesis of the Piccolo PR story – the reason we exist – is simple.
We are here to make you relevant.

We believe that in order to become iconic, you need to be distinctive

Refining the elements of your story that make you unique in your sector is about amplifying that distinctive voice, so it becomes recognised and associated with the positive attributes your brand needs to help it grow.

The value we bring to the brands who work with our Piccolo PR team begins with the strength of our own story. By ensuring that awareness of our own brand is built on a solid foundation of integrity, credibility and knowledge, we are perfectly positioned to share that powerful knowledge with you – with deep insights that come from decades of experience as one of Australia’s leading PR firms.

A sustainable approach to PR success

Our combined experience and comprehensive service offering – including brand communication, brand marketing, influencers marketing, media placement, media training, crisis management PR and much more – provides strategies that are underpinned by our commitment to creating brand messaging that is clear, honest and authentic.​

We nurture genuine, lasting connections with brands, the media, digital taste-makers, high-profile influencers and industry leaders that are designed to help businesses thrive.

The power of connection

Years of experience in such an ever-evolving, dynamic industry has helped our Piccolo PR team nurture a wealth of valuable connections.

By utilising this incredible network to create partnerships between brands and important influencers and media platforms, we help brands raise their profile and expand their reach in a way that is genuinely impactful and effective.

Boutique feel, global reach

Piccolo PR is loved by brands worldwide.

We offer creative PR, marketing and advertising, content creation, brand activation, digital and social strategy that connects brands to audiences in fresh, exciting ways.

Our work across multiple sectors – including fashion, lifestyle, real estate and property development, beauty and more, delivers well-researched, effective brand communication and brand marketing PR strategies that deliver positive outcomes.

Our reputation as PR industry thought leaders is measured by our results-driven approach that helps your brand grow and thrive.

Trusted PR support and strategy

As a business owner, the sustainable, healthy growth of your brand is at the heart of everything you do.Trusting a PR firm with the care of that brand is an important decision – and one that should be taken seriously.

We understand the value that strategic PR can deliver – and we are proud to have earned a reputation as a leading brand communication agency that can help brands become bigger, better and more successful.

When you choose to work with our team of PR professionals and content creation experts, your brand becomes poised for success – driven by our meticulous attention to detail, impeccable research and industry knowledge that you can rely on.

Bespoke client care = BIG results

Quality PR is about a clear, complete understanding of brand identity and its target audience.

At Piccolo PR, we apply a truly tailored approach to all our clients. It’s personalised service that rewards you with real results – ensuring that each strategy and campaign we consider for you has been designed, nurtured and brilliantly executed to help you achieve the best possible outcomes.

Melbourne PR specialists with a global network

The world is a big place but with the power of impressive connections and the convenience of digital communication, our Piccolo PR team helps make reaching a global audience more effective than ever before.

Years of experience has helped us build an extensive network of media partners, collaborators, supporters, influencers and brand ambassadors that work with us to help our clients reach their goals.

When you put your brand vision into our hands, you can look forward to new opportunities, greater connections and a wide reach that helps a whole new audience discover the benefits and values of your brand’s services, products and experience. 

For boutique-style service with global reach, Piccolo PR is here to help you be seen.

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