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Retail & eCommerce

When representing brands, we also manage every aspect of their consumer real estate.

From launching fashion brands into national department stores, devising online advertising for lifestyle e-boutiques, and managing national rollout of designer stores.

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Retail and eCommerce PR agency Melbourne

The eCommerce smarts to help you shine. That’s Piccolo PR.

With almost ten years of experience in retail and eCommerce PR, we have the impressive networks, proven skills and deeply honed communications expertise to help you stand out in an increasingly saturated market.

From launching brands into retail stores to exciting e-boutiques and more, we take pride in establishing and representing brands of influence – and design the media placement strategies that help them experience even greater visibility.

Captivate your eCommerce audience

Looking for cost-effective eCommerce PR to help create a compelling brand story and captivate your audience? From launching retail and eCommerce brands into physical stores to exciting e-boutique product launches, we take pride in establishing and representing brands of influence.

Communicate your value

By helping you communicate your unique value to customers via a range of channels, we’ll ensure your products get coverage, your eCommerce traffic increases and motivate deeper engagement with your audience that leads to greater lead generation and conversion.

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Build brand-awareness with a leading Melbourne retail PR firm

Whether you are just beginning your business journey, or looking forward to building better brand growth, Piccolo PR is the specialist eCommerce PR firm you need.

Enjoy results-driven PR solutions that are effective and exciting.

Retail and eCommerce PR Marketing
you can trust

Retail and eCommerce PR marketing is an art form.

Experience an in-house approach that is genuinely tailored to the specific needs of your eCommerce brand.At Piccolo PR, unrivalled industry expertise and outstanding client/network relationships are the foundation of everything we do.

Our Piccolo PR team of Melbourne retail PR professionals takes the time to understand your brand - and business goals - to craft impactful brand communications strategies that work.


Deeper industry-specific knowledge

We thrive in the busy retail and eCommerce space.

If you’re looking for an exceptional product rollout experience, to create a beautiful buzz at a fabulous launch, or are keen to access
creative online advertising that helps sharpen your brand messaging and connect with a bigger audience, our team of expert
communicators can tailor a best-fit strategy for your unique needs and brand interests.

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    Retail and E-Comm PR Strategy
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    Social Media Strategy
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    Content Creation
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    Corporate Partnerships
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    Print media and editorial coverage
  • Retail & eCommerce
    Product Launches, Openings and Event-hosting

World-class PR strategy, for brands that think bigger

Keen to grow your brand to a bigger Australian or international market?

When your brand leverages from the connections we have curated across years of professional PR experience, the results are dynamic – and measurable.

Online Public Relations Agency

Think PR that’s inspired and driven by your success.

When you want an online public relations agency that has the knowledge and brand-building connections you need to take a load off your shoulders, think Piccolo PR.

Ready for next-level PR? We can’t wait to hear from you.

World-class communications strategy with real results

Achieving exciting coverage for our retail and e-Comm clients is always exciting. We’re driven by the prospect of building you a brand you’re truly proud of.

We go the extra distance to deliver effective PR and compelling content creation. Driven by your success, we’re always on the hunt for coverage that complements the exact nature and needs of your brand profile. Getting media attention starts from creating compelling content that is crafted with a clear intention.

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