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Public Relations

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Public Relations

Get the right message heard

Everything you say and do as a brand impacts the relationships you have with those outside of your business - including your potential customers, clients and partners.

By combining well-researched strategy with the creative approach your brand needs to influence your audience, we can help you achieve, and surpass, your business goals. Our years of experience as a leading PR agency means that we have a proven reputation in PR events, digital PR and PR management.

consistency is key

Consistency is key

At Piccolo PR, our public relations experience has taught us that consistency is critical.

To help your brand achieve the positive public relations outcomes it wants, honing a consistent tone of voice helps establish who you are – and what you want to say.

Refining our public relations expertise across many years spent helping brands grow enriches us with the knowledge that helps relevant messaging reach a wide audience.

big influence boutique feel

Big influence, boutique feel

If you’re looking for effective PR agencies in Melbourne, we can show you why public relations in marketing should be a critical part of your brand strategy.

At Piccolo PR, we believe that partnership models tailored for your brand deliver the most authentic, sustainable PR results.

Building better brands is our business and because we take the time to listen and learn who you really are, we do that in a way that’s effective, authentic and aligned with your brand personality and vision.

We’re proud of the meaningful relationships we create with our valued family of clients and talented creative professionals.


How to lead conversations – and build your brand awareness

Our foundation in traditional PR techniques informs our approach to strategic brand communication and public relations success in today’s ever-evolving digitally led landscape.

Today, we blend that knowledge with digital PR expertise and expertise that utilises the most effective digital amplification to create, lead and share brand conversations that excite your audience and grow your business.
Our passion for helping brands experience the positive benefits of public relations motivates us to continue learning.

Build better brand awareness

Every truly successful brand has a clever, consistent marketing and communications strategy at its core.

Public relations is a key component of sustainable brand success and if you’re looking for public relations in Melbourne, Piccolo PR is here to help you elevate your brand message.Although paid advertising has its benefits, PR adds even greater value by helping create the image of reliability and credibility that helps turn your audience into loyal customers and clients – for life.

Public relations creates relationships that last

When part of your brand’s focus is about creating and maintaining symbiotic relationships with the media – whether that is traditional print, TV or radio media, or the digital world of social media-driven influencers – creating the right key messaging is a critical beginning.

PR investment delivers measurable results

At Piccolo PR, we believe that, by helping build your brand leaders as go-to commentators and industry experts, an investment into digital PR techniques and tips helps put your brand at the heart of key conversations about your industry.

A Melbourne PR agency you can trust

Piccolo PR is proud of the reputation we’ve built and we’re so grateful to each one of our clients who shares kind words and testimonials about the ways our strategic communications insights have helped them achieve measurable brand goals and improve audience engagement and sales outcomes.

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