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Piccolo PR knows… Networking is not a dirty word. How to do it like a boss!

We all know that networking is important as it widens your circle and introduces you to a group of industry professionals and strengthens your business connections that will give career advice and support. Whether it’s joining a social club, getting looped in on LinkedIn or attending an industry evening, Piccolo PR provides some tips to make this exercise less painful.

Network with purpose

Do your research and build a network that will enhance your career. Rather than over-exposing yourself, attend industry-specific events such as expos, product launches, and conferences where you can mingle with people who share your interests.

Pay it forward

The art of networking is to share– not sell.

Networking is not a business deal. The art of this exercise is to treat it as a relationship and focus on how you can help the other person to establish and achieve their goals. Together, talk about the challenges they are facing and share your own experience which makes a positive impression builds trust and solid relationships.

Shy? But why?

For those who find networking intimidating, consider prospects, business leaders or mentors as future friends. By building a personal connection first, you may potentially open yourself up to more business and social opportunities in a tactile and softer way. By continually putting yourself out there and meeting new people, you get to step outside of your comfort zone and build self-confidence and social skills.

Follow up

If someone hands out their business card, accepts you on LinkedIn or gives you their phone number– they have given you permission to contact them. The following day send an email to thank them or say how much you enjoyed meeting their acquaintance.

Mix it up

There is more than one way to network and many tools available to make you stay connected, in a professional way. Be selective and design a strategy that will keep you in the loop.

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