Top 5 tips for small businesses to design a DIY campaign

Art showing a welcome sign for a small business.
30 Apr 2020

Strategy is critical.

Understand where you want to go and map out a way of how you are going to get there.

Now, more than ever before we need to support each other. The Piccolo PR team would love to hear from you. Together, we can workshop ideas and concepts for your brand, for promotion on talent’s social platforms as well as brand platforms. Connect to those who want to see you succeed.

Your story is your currency.

Remember, in order to become iconic, you need to be distinctive. Before there were emojis, posts, shares and likes people shared ideas through the oral tradition of storytelling. Humans are hardwired to remember stories as every person on this planet comes from a lineage of storytellers. Using social proof alongside storytelling creates an emotional connection, depth, inspires motivation, and creates empathy and that is unique.

Pause and reflect.

Strategy means knowing when to stay silent just as much as it means knowing what to post and publicize.  Employers need to have tough conversations with clients to ensure your crisis management strategy is up to date. Business is not as usual. It’s important to run through potential scenarios and make sure key team members are aware of the role they will play in case you need to activate the plan.

Under the influence 

With more Australians turning to e-commerce over the coming weeks, we envisage the consumption of social media content to uplift. Connecting with influencers to create engaging content is an effective method for brands to maintain connections with their consumers during a time when there is considerable attention. It is imperative to maintain a strong brand and digital presence to uphold consumer loyalty in this time of uncertainty.

Take Your time to Target

Piccolo PR implements strategic collaborations that connect brands with new virtual friends. Don’t be afraid to request insights and engagement stats to ensure the influencers you have shortlisted to sponsor or seed products to maintain high conversion rates with their community.

Protect your reputation – both online and offline. We cannot deny the reality that we have entered unprecedented times which presents significant health challenges and uncertainty for many business owners.