Top 5 Beauty trends We’ve Fallen in Love With

At Piccolo PR, we are always looking out for what’s new and trending in the world of beauty. When it comes to beauty products, there’s always something new and exciting on the market, whether it’s makeup, skincare, and more! According to Reuters, the beauty industry’s current global market value is at $532 billion, with expected growth to exceed $800 billion by 2025. Even during times of economic stress, the beauty industry manages to thrive as consumers indulge in cosmetics and skincare’s small pleasures and luxuries. There’s no doubt that beauty brands from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia will continue bringing innovative products and services to the market while raising their brand awareness across social media and more. To read about how beauty brands are using influencer engagement to grow their audience, check out our other blog “Influencer Engagement and Why It’s Critical For Your Beauty Brand.

It requires effort and patience to be at your finest at all times, but it is worth it. Beauty gives you the confidence to be the best version of yourself and conquer the world with your grace.

What will the future of beauty hold? Piccolo PR has put together a list of some of our favorite trends in the beauty industry and hope that more brands take note.

Top 5 Beauty Trends That We Love

  • Skincare as makeup – Although simplicity has always been appreciated, nowadays, people are promoting just how critical taking care of your skin is to give yourself a natural glow and beauty similar to makeup. An increasing number of women have started adapting to more natural looks and avoiding full-face makeup, giving their skin the room to breathe while keeping it healthy and beautiful at the same time! Using moisturizers, toners, and serums to help your skin retain its natural poise and charm is one thing we stan. Makeup brands are coming up with subtle products such as BB creams that are lighter than a traditional foundation while still giving you coverage and avoiding that matte cakey look. Being kind to your skin with makeup minimalism is a great way to shine from within and give power to the inner you! 
  • Anti-pollution skincare – Air pollution is an environmental hazard that has a negative effect on various parts of our lives. When it comes to our skin, chemicals in the environment can lead to dark spot formation, inflammation, premature aging, and even acne issues. Several brands have come up with products that nourish and protect the skin from the air’s harmful pollutants. Skincare brands have certainly started taking this issue seriously and launching products that limit skin damage due to pollution and dirt. These products contain anti-oxidants that fight any radicals present in the air. Almost 90% of the population is currently living in places where the air quality index according to WHO guidelines. Our skin is the primary interface between the chemicals & pollutants in the air and our bodies. Whatever our skin takes in is soon displayed, resulting in wrinkles and early aging signs. Anti-pollution products are not only trendy but a necessity in today’s times. Brands are coming up with their range of anti-pollution skincare products as demand grows. Although it’s easy to believe this advertisement is more of a marketing tool than anything, it still highlights the impact of pollution in our daily lives. It brings attention to it by making us more conscious through our daily skincare.  
  • Rise in organic beauty products – It is good to see that skincare brands are going out of their way to be kind to the environment and our beautiful nature. More products are being created organically without using any artificial synthesizers and genetically modified substances. In recent times, many brands have also begun moving towards ‘vegan’ products that forego animal product testing and animal ingredients. We hope that this positive trend continues gaining speed so that other brands can take a note and get inspired! The environment is a precious resource, and taking care of ourselves at the cost of being a burden on nature is unacceptable. 
  • Sustainable beauty – Skincare brands are making products that contain “clean” ingredients and putting efforts into the packaging of these beauty products. Recyclable packaging is a trend we love. Why spend money and pack these products filled with sunshine and love with materials degrading to the environment? Brands are taking steps to ensure that beauty products are made organically and are packaged using materials that can be recycled easily. 2020 is a lesson in itself, and we are glad the year is making us think rationally and do what is best for us and everyone around us!
  • Cost-effective & multi-purpose products – In today’s world, everyone has a fairly busy lifestyle and looking to find the most accessible solutions to their problems while saving money. There’s been a growing demand for products that are easy to use and fit in for multiple purposes. This has led to brands like Fenty, launching affordable products that can also be multi-use. One good example is Fenty Skin’s Fenty Fat Water, which acts as both a toner and serum and combines two skincare steps without investing in two high price products. 

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