The importance of SEO

Art depicting SEO strategy
30 Apr 2020

With Google being the number 1 search engine for consumers searching for products and services, it is critical to have the right digital partner to help you tailor the right SEO strategy for your business. At Piccolo PR, we have a team of SEO specialists who are up-to-date with the latest tactics to support their clients and ensure they get close to number one on the page.

It’s important to do the 5-point check.

Find out if your website is geared towards Google Search Engines.

Make your website more Google-friendly with 3 actionable tips.

  1. Website ranking. Confirm how your website currently ranks on Google.

  2. Find out who your competition is on google and determine their method of success.

  3. If you’re not confident about the next steps- receive expert advice on how to grow your organic traffic.

Search engines drive consumers to the products and services they are searching for. It’s critical to have a solid and super-competitive SEO strategy to beat the competition.

Focus on quantitative marketing instead of qualitative

Make use of the assets available to you.

Be strategic and think smarter during tough times. Know what investment will work more efficiently and effectively for your company. Utilize the resources already available to you, be it a large social media following or email subscribers.

While qualitative can often be more favorable in a normal financial environment, when it comes to economically difficult times qualitative marketing can be more time consuming and, therefore, often costs more. Quantitative marketing focuses on more of the numbers game than in-depth qualitative marketing. Re-imagine a way to conduct traditional quantitative marketing, think smart, and harness social media to interact directly with your consumer base using story polls, saving money and time.

Think of the bottom line and utilize marketing techniques that will work more on little investment in an online landscape.

Long term PR investment will be more effective.

More than ever before, PR for your brand is critical. While times are turbulent and uncertain, one safeguard is investing in dedicated PR. Now more than ever before, we are helping brands prepare and protect themselves. Think smart and think ahead. Because the better you plan, the better chance your business will survive. At Piccolo PR, our team would love to workshop ideas and bespoke campaigns for small businesses to ensure you continue to drive commercial success.

With more Australians turning to e-commerce over the coming weeks, we envisage the consumption of social media content to uplift for the foreseeable future. Connecting with influencers and editorial to create engaging content is an effective method for brands to maintain connections with their consumers during a time when more eyeballs are online than ever before.

It’s crucial to continue getting your brand out there when competition in your area stops spending and becomes less visible, allowing your brand to be a leader in the market when competing noise is low. A less competitive time is also prime for repositioning your brand or releasing new and reimagined products for the time.

Invest in new online marketing techniques and dedicated PR to become a category leader and authority in your sphere.

Being the most misunderstood method of online marketing, SEO is easy to do wrong, but oh so good when you get it right and working for you.

Many companies are stuck scaling back and reducing the budget.

During these uncertain economic times, many companies are at cross-roads and trying to determine the right areas to cut back and reduce the budget?

Now is the time to begin thinking creatively, harness what you can, and invest in marketing techniques that will benefit you in the long run.

Understanding keywords, frequency, and competition is what will help your rankings and develop trust with consumers—making you more likely to keep yourself one step ahead of the competition. A strong SEO campaign can help ensure your traffic stays high during difficult economic periods.

SEO is difficult for many to understand.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be difficult to understand and, therefore, almost impossible to ace unless you’re in the know. The investment made in SEO can enable you to get help in location or product-specific marketing, target the consumers who are looking for your specific products by finding lower competition keywords that are more focused. This, in turn, builds high-quality traffic that leads to more eyes on your brand and more purchase towards your products.

The importance of SEO in building the reliability of a brand can’t be understated. In terms of ranking on search engines, the higher the organic listing, the more popular and more trusted it comes across.

SEO can help build your brand’s authority on search engines as you optimize your marketing strategy around appropriate keywords for products and services that your business offers. With Google’s algorithm in constant flux, monitoring keywords, link-building, and tagging can help create more organic traffic to your page.

Work at home culture is perfect for SEO: target people in more locations than ever.

With a large majority of companies transitioning into working from home, thousands of employees are setting up home offices and becoming more inclined to be lax with their work browsing. Thanks to the freedom of not being restrained in an office space, more employees are perhaps taking sneaky peaks at Instagram and Facebook throughout the day, searching for new products to pass the time. As a company attempting to connect with new consumers, this culture has opened doors to new paths in targeted advertisements. Adjusting your strategy during these uncertain times can yield significant results in generating new leads and finding new customers.