Public Relations and SEO go hand in hand. How you may ask? Both revolve around the million-dollar question, “How do we get people talking about you?”

Reaching audiences through higher rankings

By optimizing the work we already do for you to be more SEO friendly, Piccolo can help you reach audiences more effectively and lay the groundwork for future SEO campaigns that your business embarks on. If your business can't be found online easily, that's not just a PR problem but also an SEO problem! Piccolo PR will work with you to boost the organic SEO on your page by targeting the best keywords to help you rank higher on search engines. Never miss out on a business opportunity ever again.

Strengthening your visibility

Nearly all consumers start their journey for new products and services through a search engine, making this one of the more critical junctures for any brand. When you search your business's name online, who is number one? Part of our job is not only helping you find a voice and direction for your PR needs, but also elevating you and your brand to appear higher in the rankings. Our off-page SEO services can help curate your content not only to be unique but SEO-friendly as well. Through social media, press releases, or media outreach, Piccolo will strengthen your visibility through organic link building and keep you ahead of the competition.