Your crisis is our crisis. At Piccolo PR, we know that businesses of all sizes can face adversity which can trash your reputation and revenue and may need help putting things back into place. The ‘recovery’ part of a crisis often involves significant change management – transformation. Piccolo provides you with a way to strategically respond to the media both quickly and proactively. Piccolo PR has managed the reputations of internationally respected brands, celebrities, business leaders, and organizations. Some of our best work is behind the scenes to prepare for issues and mitigate risk.

With an extensive and ever-growing media contact list, we are known to be leaders in PR Crisis Management Melbourne as well as other major cities throughout Australia. At Piccolo PR we understand the role of public relations in crisis communication is first and foremost to address the media and relevant stakeholders in a hands-on manner. Not only do we know the ins- and outs of the mediascape but we know how to create messages and campaigns that really cut through which is essential to surviving and rebuilding brand reputation. 


Crisis management PR Agency Melbourne

Our team provides a culmination of 30+ years of experience in the Crisis management PR agency Melbourne sector. We understand that a PR Crisis can happen to any company and if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that sincerity and genuine concern is the best way to respond. By leading with a holistic, customer-first approach and implementing strategies to regain your audience’s trust, we are confident we can guide your business through a crisis no matter the scale or complexity. Piccolo PR prides itself on the ability to mitigate any kind of crisis, with years of experience our approach is a cut above the rest. You can be sure we will work around the clock not only to contain the crisis at hand but to ignite the right kind of conversations that should be happening about your business on every platform.


PR Crisis Management

There is no denying that PR Crisis Management can be daunting, however with the right team at your side, we believe you can turn any situation into good publicity! Piccolo PR approaches each crisis management situation with a positive and fresh perspective, backed with industry-leading skills. You can be sure to find peace of mind as our team works efficiently with specific attention to detail in meeting your needs. With a results-driven mindset, we highly value staying up to date with current industry knowledge and trends so as to remain as effective as possible. We believe in being, professional, personable, and responsive, whilst working closely with each and every client to create a tailored PR crisis management plan, ultimately providing the best possible outcome for your business.

Message Development

A public relations crisis can develop at any stage of your business’s lifespan. But to tackle a disaster situation effectively, you must strike quickly, objectively, and correctly. By working together with internal management, we can create a contingency plan for your brand and ensure a smooth response to any crisis you may face. By choosing to develop a comprehensive plan before disaster strikes, we can strategize a standard operating procedure for your brand so that you and your team know exactly what to do if a crisis occurs.

Prepared Response

We focus on generating positive press while minimizing opportunities for contentious issues and sensitive situations. Maintaining positive news coverage is crucial to building public trust in your brand, limiting the impact of a misstep. With Piccolo PR as your crisis management team, you’ll be able to leverage our wide array of connections with mainstream media entities, Influencers, and digital outlets to broadcast your statements in channels that work best for your image.

Online Reputation

At Piccolo PR, we know how important it is that your name is protected, at all times. One of the fastest ways to repair any damage done is with an immediate but well thought out social media response. Our proactive strategies allow us to quickly intercept the development of an issue before it gets out of hand with extensive social media management. We understand the importance of reputational risk and supporting clients through all phases of an issue or crisis. Our team has built a proven record of protecting the most important, yet fragile asset: reputation. Our media management ensures positive brand messaging and risk-management experience, giving your brand the protection it needs.