Piccolo PR implements strategic collaborations that connects brands with new virtual friends. It’s not about the amount of followers, and all about engagement. We seed your product into celebrity hands to spread word of mouth and improve online presence.

Engagement is king

When it comes to digital platforms and social media, engagement is king. Gone are the days of relying on follower numbers. In order to get a client in front of their target audience, Piccolo PR will reach out to relevant influencers who can help get products in front of followers on social media platforms. Whether it's paid or unpaid posts, influencers can help you reach a more focused audience with their endorsement and allow them to engage with your brand and message.

Meaningful collaborations

How do we find the right influencer for our clients? When it comes to achieving press coverage there are plenty of options, but digital platforms are one of the fastest-growing media channels for meaningful engagement. Not every brand campaign will be the right fit for influencer, so we make sure that we seed your product into the right hands. Matching your product with a target audience that matches an influencer can help improve online presence through sponsored posts. These collaborations can help you hone in on a specific demographic, but also help you reach new audiences.

Grow your online presence

Word of mouth moves fast online! This is why strategic digital media outlet strategies and influencer campaigns can be utilized to grow your brand's online presence. Let us help you find new ways to engage online and on social media by building a strategy that works with you and your brand's vision.