We build awareness and credibility to help businesses grow stronger and faster.

  • Product placement and editorial
  • Crisis management PR
  • Business and founder profiling campaigns
  • Brand ambassador campaign
  • Sponsorship and partnerships
Helping you get the results you need

Whether you are launching a whole new business brand, or just trying to get the spotlight on new products or sponsorships, Piccolo PR can help get you the results you need. We offer support in crisis management, business and founder profiling, brand ambassador campaigns, editorial, and product placement. By working with brands across a range of industries, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work.

Creating media awareness

Awareness is critical to work your way up to the top or keep the spotlight on you. Are you looking to recover after an internal crisis within the company? We can help with that too. Our relationships with mainstream media channels, digital outlets, and influencers can all help in creating more awareness, both online and offline. Piccolo PR can help curate a voice and message that matches your brands needs, whatever the situation. Our proactive efforts can help lock in positive press coverage with unique and engaging pitches that grow your business's credibility. With the right guidance and support, we will work with you to curate media awareness and get the right eyes on your brand.

Quick responses

Always two steps ahead, our strategy is to be reactive to news agendas and help get our clients to get profiled while maintaining strong media relations. By responding fast to media inquiries, we set the tone for future coverage