It’s our first love.

Piccolo PR’s first approach to PR starts with a full immersion in the world of the brand.

Your brand narrative- your code- will help separate you from your competitors. Because in order to become iconic you need to be distinctive. Piccolo PR will help you find your voice.

Brand identity

Brand identity is one of the most integral parts of any company's overall success. But you can't just wake up one day and build a brand strategy without a plan.

Find the story behind the business

Piccolo PR is about getting to know the people behind the brand and finding the reason it exists. Before creating your brand identity, you must first find the story behind the business. That's why we will work with you to make sure that we understand the objectives, key messages, and visions of success for your company and ensure that together we will build your brand awareness with a distinctive voice and message.

Curate and refine your vision

By creating a strategic campaign that carefully analyzes our client's brand narrative and target audience, we can take action in creating meaningful and unique content that helps speak to their objective. We never want to have the voice of the brand be at odds with our strategy, which is why we help our clients curate and refine their vision for the company.

Let us help you find your voice

Your brand is the sustaining building block of all other strategic campaigns for your company or business. Unsure of what direction to go in? Let Piccolo help! We have helped create brand strategies for clients in a variety of sectors including kids fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and wellness.

Create a strategic campaign

Even if two brands have similar target audiences, no two campaigns will ever be the same. By analyzing the best way to engage with your target audience, we will help you curate a strategic vision that aligns with your objectives, whether that's increasing sales, reaching a specific demographic, or creating more overall awareness for media opportunities.