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The Rise of Purpose-Driven PR in Australia: Making a Difference

Public relations (PR) is a vital component of any organization’s communication strategy. Over the last few decades, humans have become increasingly conscious about their environmental impact on the world, and working towards a more sustainable future. At Piccolo PR, we unearth and share the stories of the most ambitious brands shaping the future, in the AU, NZ, USA and beyond.

We are a PR agency with a focus on sustainability. Our clients make us who we are. We work with entrepreneurs, innovators, business owners and others that have the same ethos and values of sustainability. We believe Sustainability applies to every part of life – the way you work, your relationships, your business, AND of course the way we treat and interact with the environment.

We believe we are the most Sustainable Agency available and we try to constantly improve our own business practices and systems to be more mindful and responsible in all things we do, use, say and build.

From Earth to Sky, we help conscious, eco-friendly businesses and entrepreneurs be seen and heard. What’s more, we know every eco-friendly, eco- conscious and sustainable publication & influencer who has made a commitment to being the change.

With that, the practice of Public Relations (PR) has undergone a major transformation, with growing awareness and attention on brands that focus on purpose-driven strategies rather than goal-driven strategies. Going beyond the traditional PR approach, purpose-driven PR has an emphasis on ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible practices. 

The practice of PR also comes with significant ethical responsibilities. 

The Role of Ethics in PR

ethics in pr
ethics in pr

Ethical practices are the cornerstone of effective PR. They not only safeguard the reputation of organizations but also contribute to long-term success. Ethical PR involves transparency, honesty, and accountability in all communication efforts. Here are some reasons why ethical practices are essential in PR:

Trust Building: Trust is the bedrock of any successful PR campaign. There is a great expectation that publicists will adhere to ethical standards when they speak to journalists, clients and the broader community. This works to demonstrate that they operate with honest and integrity. 

Crisis Management: In times of crisis, ethical PR practices are critical as we need to support the organisation with accurate communication during these difficult times and regain the public’s trust. 

Honesty and Transparency: PR professionals must always be honest in their communication. Misleading or deceptive tactics have the potential to erode trust and harm an organization’s reputation. Transparency should be prioritized in all interactions with the public and media.

Respect for Privacy: It is critical that PR professionals use information that is approved by the client prior to reaching out to media outlets. All material needs to be reviewed and approved by the client in a timely manner. 

Avoid Conflicts of Interest: It is important that PR professionals disclose any potential conflicts of interest which may arise from financial interests, or other affiliations that may compromise their impartiality. Perspective clients should also be advised of similar clients the agency currently represents in the portfolio so they do not compete for the same share of voice with media. 

Accuracy and Fact-checking: Ensure that all information shared with the public or media is accurate and well-researched. Fact-checking and accurate quotes from the client is crucial to support the narrative and provide correct and coherent information to journalists. 

Inclusivity and Diversity: PR campaigns should be inclusive and respectful of diverse perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds. It is critical that you avoid communication that promotes discrimination, bias, or stereotypes in any communication. 

Responsible Social Media Usage: Social media is a powerful PR tool, but needs to be managed with caution to ensure that the brand aligns with the DNA of the brand and what the company stands for in whole.

Ensure that you maintain constant interaction with your community and monitor and respond to social media comments and concerns in a timely manner with courtesy, kindness and accountability. Take responsibility for mistakes and address them promptly to help rebuild trust 

Whistleblower Protection: Encourage a culture that allows employees to raise ethical concerns without fear of retaliation. This fosters an environment where unethical behavior can be identified and rectified internally.

Continuous Learning: Stay updated on ethical guidelines and industry best practices. PR professionals should invest in their education and professional development to ensure they are aware of evolving ethical standards.

Ethical practices are the bedrock of effective PR. PR professionals have a responsibility to uphold the highest ethical standards to build trust, protect reputations, and contribute to the long-term success of their organizations. By following ethical guidelines, PR professionals can navigate the complex landscape of public relations while maintaining integrity and credibility. 

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