Piccolo PR Sydney


At the core of public relations is public image, and in our modern society public image is almost solely established by media coverage. Here at Piccolo PR, we recognise and understand this and can ensure that our clients will be at the centre of a variety of media platforms and outlets, including social media, as our team is constantly attuned to the online realm, keeping our customers at the forefront of the conversation.

In addition to these platforms, Piccolo PR also derives media coverage from events, celebrity endorsements, press days, print media and product placement, to name a few. This wide spectrum of coverage ensures that our clients will reach every corner of society and that our clients reputation is highly viewed by future customers.

With three distinct sectors to our company; Piccolo HOME, Piccolo KIDS and Piccolo PEOPLE, we have a wide range of industry experience and have the keys to impeccable public relations: we know how to generate media buzz, and more importantly, we know what gets people talking, online and in the real world.

Our clients can be satisfied with the knowledge that our experienced team has an immaculate record of happy clients and well-received media coverage. Piccolo PR has a substantial and well-established reputation in the public relations world, and due to this we have connections with a multitude of publication outlets and sources which, combined with our infallible marketing strategies and techniques, will result in our clients ending up across a diverse mix of media platforms. We not only know how to create that initial bang into the market that our clients want, but we also know how to maintain and make that bang last.

Our promise to you, future client, is that our industry connections will fast-track you on your path to a positive and recognisable public image.