Moving into the new spaceat Rushcutters Bay had been a vision of mine for quite some time. I wanted to create a New- York-inspired office and give media and stylists an opportunity to view the latest exhibitions and limited editions when they drop by. I also wanted to showcase my clients’ products next to beautiful art sourced from around the globe. The environment encourages further interest and a deeper dialogue about art and culture. It’s insanely beautiful.

And so, we joined forces with one of Australia’s leading Art Galleries, Art 2 Muse.

Sydney based artist, Dorryce Rock was the first artist to debut her collection at the agency. A series of organic, luminous and sculptural paintings reflect her ongoing fascination with nature, colour and form. Dorryce works with a variety of media on Perspex and canvas to develop bold and exciting outcomes, revolving around the chemistry of poured colours and pigments and sculptural materials. She is drawn to the surprising results of teasing the fluid with the static, and observing their relationship.

The collection also features a series of sculptural paintings on canvas, cased in light-reflecting Perspex boxes. The works entice sensory engagement due to their three-dimensional facets, blurring the line between sculpture and painting as edges blend into one another creating new textures and experiences.

The concept of the office has been inspired by my regular travels to New York and fascination about art. It provides a home for a variety of purposes: events, exhibitions, classes, and showroom for brands who want to rent the space out for media showings. It’s very fancy. And the team just love it. I mean, who wouldn’t want to work next to a sculpture by a Yanni Souvatzoglour or Robyn Chantal Smith Sculpture, right? Totally normal;) My favorite pieces in the neon love-heart next to a distressed gold lamp.

It’s completely unexpected. And very sassy. Drop by!

Sarah Cichy