Gabriel Scanu sets to exhibit at Piccolo PR in May. At just 21-years of age this Instagram sensation has flipped the artist world upside down. Literally.

His landscape photography takes a different view of Planet Earth with breathtaking aerial shots of iconic Australian landscapes and coastlines. WARNING- his artwork is not suitable for those who fear heights, or water.

Gabriel has made waves in the industry. He is one of the first artists to pioneer a new artistic medium by breaking down the boundary between photography and art via digital enhancements with the use of Arial Drone photography. The altered perspective offered by drones capture a different perspective/ a ‘flat lay’ of the world. Gabriel takes the world on ‘virtual vacation’ across oceans and swimming pools across Bronte Beach and winding seaside roads, Mona Vale and iconic coastlines on the East Coast.

“I feel shooting from a top-down point of view is the most unique perspective as it is one that you don’t see every day and one that very few people have the opportunity to experience for themselves” he says. Gabriel is a theatrical photographer. Son of a cinematographer, he has inherited a keen eye for composition, capturing both the dramatic and the picturesque qualities of the Australian summer experience: “I tend to gravitate towards shooting the coastal landscapes as the colours and textures take a completely different form from what you get at ground level. Shooting from the sky for me is almost like creating a digital watercolour.”

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Sarah Cichy