The Bobby G Babywear photo-shoot was at Create or Die Studios, Marickville. The setting was simple, crisp and white- warmed up with bubbles, skateboards and over sized black balloons- it was bubbles of fun!

Bobby G Babywear features designs with simple and understated muted tones, unpredictable prints and a touch of quirky color-pop for trend-setters and ‘cool-kids’ on the playground. Casting was well considered- the energy needed to be electric, authentic and each have a ‘bounce’ that would bring to life the sentiment of the brand.

So, we needed to find ‘cool kids’/ mini models with edge and attitude. Chaps rocked their harem pants and bomber jackets, whilst the chics chilled out in their cons and knickerbockers- oh boy they were adorbs!

The call sheet was scheduled for 8am where each of them jumped in the H&M chair to get gelled, spiked or tussled with a top knot.

Monday morning.
Eight children.
Full-day photo-shoot = caffeine. Whoa, they can go!.

So, come BTS with us to the set of A/W 2017 Photo-shoot for you to see how we rocked the day!

Sarah Cichy