Piccolo PR offering free support for small businesses during COVID-19

Sarah Cichy, founder of Piccolo PR.
16 Apr 2020

Sarah Cichy, founder of Piccolo PR has discovered a way to Pay it Forward during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing free advice and services to help small business owners navigate their way through this challenging time.

Cichy has been growing businesses, brands, and reputations through strategic Marketing and PR for over a decade. She has forged solid relationships with major media outlets, represented an impressive suite of local and international brands.

In the last two weeks, she and her staff at Piccolo PR have reached out to over 500 companies to help them prepare and protect themselves, think smart and think ahead during the crisis.

According to Cichy, the better you plan, the better chance your business will survive.

‘I’ve had clients cry on the phone to me saying they need to shut their doors as they have lost everything overnight. It’s heartbreaking. As an agency I wanted us to step up and provide free PR support to Australian and New Zealand SMBs to let them know they are not alone,” Cichy said.

“To some extent, COVID- 19 has stopped the world, and whilst I cannot control the spread and destruction of it, I can choose the way in which to approach it-  with leadership, kindness, and compassion.”

Since the proactive outreach, over 40 x 30-minute phone, SKYPE and Zoom meetings have been scheduled. Each week Sarah Cichy, Director or Piccolo PR dedicates 1.5 days to book back to back meetings with those who need assistance. The process is that the agency reviews the brand’s business model and develop the strategy to ensure brand awareness stays strong during COVID- 19.

‘Sometimes business owners want to use this time with us to soundboard ideas or receive 101 PR business Top Tips,’ says Sarah.

While Cichy admits the goodwill gesture is coming at a financial loss to her agency, she believes it’s important to provide assistance where she can.

“It’s more important we stay strong, together and encourage SMBs to keep the faith, momentum, and stay connected. Remaining proactive and purposeful as much as possible enables us to feel less subjugated by our circumstance, she says.

Cichy tells KBB  it has been a delight watching her team sharpen their strategic thinking and take the lead with strategy development.

“In just two weeks staff moral and confidence has strengthened as they remain busy and jobs secure.”

If you’re interested in receiving help, you can contact Sarah here