Interior Designer


Passion, humour and a keen sense of the world imbue the homewares collection by internationally-acclaimed interior designer Lorena Gaxiola. Born and raised in Mexico, Gaxiola uses memories from childhood and heritage as expressions throughout her work. In the 1990s, Gaxiola moved to California where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) at the Design Institute of San Diego, launched Kuatro Design, her successful interior design firm, and a decade later met her husband who introduced her to life in Australia. After two decades of witnessing emotional disconnect between her clients and homewares in the interior design industry, Gaxiola shifted gears to explore the world of home furnishings. Triggered by her vision to connect others with otherwise conventional objects, today, Lorena Gaxiola continues to evolve as a lifestyle brand, animating what is now Meaningful Objects for the Home. 

“Our purpose is to help people feel empowered,”

says Gaxiola. “We want our customer to surround themselves—their homes, offices, spaces—with objects that truly mean something to them on a personal level.” Redolent with motifs of water, owls and crystals and symbolic of spiritual elements that articulate messages of positivity, the collection encourages balance for the mind, body and soul throughout. Every detail, from daring patterns and expressive hues to the finest of material and sourced manufacturers, is mindfully used, and every design comes with a purpose, one to be shared and enjoyed by all.

 “Holistically, I like to bring balance to interior spaces applying the same rule of connecting the mind, body and spirit through our senses. One needs to be able to function in a given space yet be stimulated and at the same time feel serenity. Emotionally, I care to be surrounded by objects that matter to me because they tell my story