'lil fairy door

Handmade Fairy Doors


‘Lil Fairy Door, opens a world of magic for our little ones. These handmade 'lil doors (RRP$34) come complete with mounting supplies, a fairy note and beautiful magic dust sure to sprinkle sparkles of hope, happiness and charm into the lives of our children.

Available in Plush Pink, Happy Yellow, Bubble Green, Red, and Purple Pastel, the ‘lil Fairy Door easily fasten to the wall so that children can invite their fairy friends into the enchanted world of imaginative play.

Designed to bring smiles, hope, laughter and encouragement to children travelling through life’s l’il adventures, ‘lil Fairies Doors have brought smiles to hundreds of sick children around the world. What a joy to be a part of the Sydney PR campaign for ‘lil Fairy Door!