Langdon LTD

Handmade in Rajasthan, India


Langdon Ltd has captured the principles of colour, vibrancy and design with a colourful carousel of cushions, rugs, throws and bags. Designed in Australia, each of the pieces in the Langdon collection are made by hand by talented weavers in Rajasthan, India who use ancient wisdom and traditional techniques, the finest materials and metallic threads to create an earthy, homespun vibe.

Worth applauding is the way Langdon Ltd merges modern methods with India’s age old craft traditions. The brand captures an innovative confluence of cultures and works with artisanal communities in India to create pieces with an adventurous spirit using the ancient wisdom of weaving. Langdon is a brand with integrity, rich in exotic- influence that captures a colourful essence. It’s an honour to provide Sydney PR strategy for them.