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“Pick your niche and be different” is certainly sound advice from Kristy Withers, founder of Incy Interiors, the designer children’s furniture brand launched in 2011. 

Incy Interiors was initially inspired by Kristy’s quest for a ‘big boy’ bed for her son. Her regular work-related travels to the US and Europe and the myriad products and styles on offer, gave Kristy a clear idea of what she wanted: “I had in mind a dark brown wrought-iron bed … I searched high and low but could not find it.” Her husband, Simon, gave her the incentive she needed to “stop talking about it and just do it.”

Kristy’s experience as a former corporate marketing executive for EBay proved invaluable when it came to sound strategic planning that saw the business flourish and expand. “One of the best things for the business was my marketing background,” says Kristy. 

One of the strengths of the business is Kristy’s small but motivated and energetic team of 14 where everyone pitches in and no-one has an “ego”. “

My favourite quote is ‘work hard, stay humble’.  I think it’s very easy to grow quickly and, when everything’s going well, to become too full of yourself.” This approach has won the loyalty of her staff and made it easier to address many challenges, particularly the operational side of the business. Kristy readily admits that “warehousing, freight, customs, clearance etc. were all completely foreign words to me.”

Despite her many and varied roles as mother of Oscar and Polly, wife of Simon, and successful owner/manager of Incy Interiors, Kristy still manages to make a great capricciosa! Now, that’s big business!