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How To Write Good Copy For Your Brand or Business

Launching a product in the market without creating good copy is similar to a body without a brain; it’s of no use. Copywriting helps showcase the features and USP (unique selling proposition) of the product to the audience, which is essential to help establish your foot in the market and achieve sales. A well-written copy can make all the difference when it comes to attracting consumers.

No matter whether you work in the kid’s sector, beauty, lifestyle, or travel, the copy can make or break your launch of a new product or campaign. This is why a business should work together with a local full-service PR agency’s talented writers.

If you are looking for a writer with experience in your field, ask your beauty PR agency or lifestyle PR agency for past copywriting or marketing campaign examples. Working together with a full-service pr agency like Piccolo PR can assure you that you are getting experienced writers with first-hand knowledge of writing for beauty marketing sectors. This also saves you the trouble of finding writers on your own who may have limited backgrounds.

As a focused beauty, lifestyle, and kids PR agency in Melbourne, Piccolo PR has had experience working on lots of copy for exciting campaigns, product launches, and events. Our Piccolo PR team has put together a little guide on the best aspects to keep in mind while writing a concise and colorful copy for your business or brand.

Guide To Good Copy-Writing For Your Brand

  • Persuasive – Along with making your copy engaging and attractive, don’t forget to persuade the audience towards buying the product or service! The main message conveyed by the copy should be clearly presented. Highlight the benefits, usefulness, and relevance of the product so that the audience gets motivated to try it for themselves.
  • Creative – Plain old boring text just doesn’t seem to work the way it used to. Make your copy relatable; make it unique. Use words and phrases that are trending and weaves a bit of storytelling while drafting your copy.
  • Simple language – Remember that your copy is meant for ordinary people to get an idea of what your product is offering. The use of jargon and complicated words should be avoided at all costs. Write in layman’s language and refrain from using overly complex sentences that focus on insider knowledge.
  • Customer-centric – Before writing the copy, you should be aware of your target audience. Keep that in mind and then start framing your copy in such a way that it tells the consumers why the particular product is the best fit for them.
  • Credible information – Another significant factor to keep in mind is doing your research well! Never compromise on facts and the truth. Make sure whatever you write in the copy doesn’t harm the brand’s reputation in any way. Being truthful indeed has a more significant impact on audiences than being misleading.
  • Attractive headline – The beginning of your copy decides whether or not it will get views. A robust and captivating headline can make the readers read the whole thing, and at the same time, a sloppy headline can have readers scrolling past. Writing headlines is a craft, and one must keep practicing to be at ease with it.
  • To the point – Your copy plays a vital role in getting the desired sales and targets. For that, the brand’s message must be conveyed to the audience. Don’t beat around the bush and focus on the product and its benefits.
  • Provides a new perspective – A good copy is associated with being unique in its approach and writing style. It should make the readers think. It shouldn’t cater to the set norms and bring new ideas concepts on the table. Make sure to be easily distinguishable from others.
  • Touches hearts – The copy should be clearly written concisely but at the same time make the readers feel connected to it. It should tug on their emotions of trust and belongingness. Words are powerful and, when used correctly, can help bridge the gap between a brand and the consumers.
  • Is accurate & error-free – Last but not least, it is necessary for good copy to focus on the facts and be free from mistakes. Grammatical and spelling errors can be a big turn-off, so it’s vital to re-check and edit the copy unless you’re sure it’s error-free.

There’s always so much more to keep in mind when writing new and exciting copy, especially if you’re looking to focus on copywriting for Facebook advertisements or sponsored ads for products. Every kind of copy has its own set of rules to follow and break as social media changes the way we respond to advertisements. You can read more on sponsored social media posts and ads in our other blog, “Are Sponsored Social Media Posts Worth the Money?

To make the most of your experience, find a local full-service pr agency for a consultation and see how they can help grow your business with skilled copywriting and content creation.

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