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Crafting a LinkedIn Profile to Position You as an Industry Expert

Your LinkedIn profile is a place for you to build your personal brand, showcase skills and achievements, network with other industry professionals and be a stand-out to future employers. People come across your profile in many ways. This may include a Google search, someone remembering you from an event, or they may simply want to learn about your accomplishments. No matter how people come across your LinkedIn Profile, you want it to be a true standout.  But what does the perfect LinkedIn Profile look like?  Well, simply put, it’s one that gets you noticed for all the right reasons and […]

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What Is Reactive Social Media and Is Your Brand On Board?

What is Reactive Social Media? Reactive social media is used when brands use their social media platform to engage in public discussion

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Elements of a Great Sponsored Social Media Post

Social media has inevitably evolved into an indispensable part of our lives. Checking newsfeeds on Twitter, stalking

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Is Social Media Necessary for Real Estate Success?

It comes to no surprise that you can find just about anything for sale over social media. As people share

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Chrissy Teigen lounges in a silk robe and eye mask with a cream colored french bulldog on her bed while advertising her cosmetics and beauty line.

Influencer Engagement And Why It’s Critical For Your Beauty Brand

Image provided by Shhh Silk In today’s times, a brand needs to put itself out there to capture their audience’s attention. The beauty industry

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Using sponsored posts on social media platforms can allow your products to appear more often in consumers feeds which allows your business t build brand recognition whether your customers are in a cafe or at home.

Are Sponsored Social Media Posts Worth the Money?

It comes as no surprise that we are all heavily reliant on our mobile phones. The second we wake up in the morning,

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Vector art of a giant microphone and three workers showcase digital web tools like zapier, hootsuite, and canva.

5 Best PR Tools for Emerging Startups

PR is comprehensive. When it comes to PR it requires a set of skills, talents, and tools to progress. For a large company,

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