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PR Campaign

How to Monitor the Success of a PR Campaign

Measuring success of a PR campaign is important for the future of the service and your business. Although the success of campaigns may not have an

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Three models for Fashion Brand

How to Build Buzz for your Fashion Brand

Managing a fashion brand is a serious affair. From long hours at developing strategies to ensuring the brand remains visible, it is no easy task. But posting on Facebook, sharing pictures on Instagram and tweeting about the brand occasionally won’t be of much help. What a fashion brand needs is maximum exposure and a strong presence on digital platforms for it to capture audience’s attention! Both new and traditional media should be used effectively to promote the brand and to make it shine among others. No matter your brand is selling dainty dresses or active wear, a functional and impactful […]

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Two women talking each other.

Which Mediums Should Your Brand Use?

Thinking of which public relations mediums you need? Here’s a rundown of the tools that you can use for brand exposure and why you need them. 

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PR Trends 2022

Public relations practitioners play a vital part in a brand’s reputation. Good PR helps you promote the brand image that you’ve built and protects it. By employing the right strategies at the right time, you succeed in boosting good PR while making bad PR matter a lot less.  Today’s landscape for PR is constantly changing, therefore a huge part of a PR professional’s job is to stay up to date with current and emerging trends.  What mattered to consumers two or three years ago may look very different today. As we know, PR is all about how a brand is […]

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Three women in pink outfit.

How Your Brand Should Engage with Gen Z

Making up around 20% of Australians and almost 30% of the world’s population, ‘Zoomers’ are now the largest generation ever. Being the first

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Woman taking selfie.

7 Factors to Consider When Finding the Right Influencers for Your Brand

Influencer marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon. With around 71% of Australians using social media,

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Public relations agencies

Are Micro-influencers The Next Step In Your Marketing Campaign?

Celebrity and influencer marketing has been a significant part of social media marketing

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woman sits on floor using laptop

Top 5 Wellness Trends That We Love

With increased workloads and faster-paced lifestyles, people are looking to wellness to stay sane.

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Vector image of a diverse group of young entrepreneurs as they embark on their brand building strategy.

Why Diverse Voices and Stories Build Better Brands

Incorporating viewpoints and stories of people belonging to multicultural backgrounds, race, gender, ideologies, and beliefs

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Woman looks over tablet with online shopping options surrounded by four indoor plants as consumers shop online more thanks to covid-19.

How Has COVID-19 Changed Consumer Behavior?

The onset of COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways. Being at home during lockdown has had a significant impact

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