Little houses built for big imaginations.


Castle & Cubby are little houses built for big imaginations! These unique and quirky little cubby houses are made from 100% recycled and untreated timber fruit and vegetable crates that have been sourced locally. Each house has an old-world vintage charisma and gifted with their own stamps, knots, dents, knocks- beautiful and charming little ‘birthmarks.’
Made from 100% timber- safe material, each Castle and Cubby is built on your site and provide a small precious world for your little ones to explore, create and expand their mind. What a joy to provide Sydney public relations for Castle and Cubby!

With a desire to take our business to the next level of market awareness it was obvious we needed some PR help. We became aware of Piccolo PR through observations of other successful businesses in the kids space having used Piccolo PR for their own work.