a gift of pr 10 boosters to make your brand a christmas star

A Gift of PR: 10 Boosters to Make Your Brand A Christmas Star

The long-awaited Christmas season is finally near. After a year of work, ‘tis the season for brands to tap into the festive spirit, launch seasonal themes and specials, and connect with audiences. We’ll be sharing some tips to get you on the ‘nice’ list this Christmas!

1. Christmas Specials

Introduce limited-edition holiday-themed products, services, or bundles that align with the festive spirit. Offering exclusive items or experiences can create a sense of urgency and excitement among your customers.

2. Christmas Party

christmas party

Take it up a notch and showcase your brand through an exciting and memorable Christmas party. Invite past, current, and potential clients, influencers, or journalists to your festive gathering. A successful synergy can lead to more buzz, network opportunities, and media coverage.

3. Community Participation

Get your brand involved with the community during the holiday season. Engage with local Christmas events and charity initiatives, or initiate sponsorships, donations, or giveaways. Your brand should be out there, giving back to the community and resonating with the festive season of generosity.

4. Seasonal Relevance 

Consider incorporating the season with your brand’s content. A Christmas collaboration and partnerships with influencers? A Christmas blog post? A Christmas service/products? Your brand can highlight and embrace the Christmas season for your audience by including festive sponsorships, making it a Christmas your audience can be excited about. 

5. Christmas Emails

christmas emails

Develop a heartfelt and authentic holiday message that aligns with your brand’s values and resonates with your audience. Whether it’s about spreading joy, gratitude, or giving back, your message should reflect the essence of your brand.

Putting the exterior tips aside, don’t forget about the internal factors – your brand itself, and those who helped your brand become who it is – your staff. 

6. Embody Father Christmas

embody father christmas

Setting up festive decorations around your office and embracing the feeling of Christmas creates and encourages a warm and vibrant work environment. With the spirit and mood of the holiday season in the air, it will motivate your team to dive into and embrace the season within their work. If you have a physical store or office space, decorate it in line with the holiday theme. For online spaces, update your website banners, social media profiles, and email templates with festive visuals.

7. Christmas for all

Celebrate this Christmas with your crew and share the jolly spirit. Christmas office dinner? Christmas bonus? A small gift as a token of gratitude for your team creates and nurtures a shared Christmas spirit, as well as promotes team culture. 

Remember, the key to successfully elevating your brand during the Christmas season is authenticity. Ensure that your efforts align with your brand’s identity and values and that your messaging resonates with your target audience’s emotions and aspirations.

Celebrate your brand, accomplishments and audience this Christmas season with these brand boosters. 

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