Small Talk

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11 Mar 2022 How to Make the Most of Your PR Internship

So let me guess, if you’re reading this you’re either nearing the end of your PR/ communications degree, or you’ve just tossed your cap

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3 Mar 2022 7 Factors to Consider When Finding the Right Influencers for Your Brand

Influencer marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon. With around 71% of Australians using social media,

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Two women working with their laptop.
2 Mar 2022 How To Choose A PR Agency In Melbourne

So, you’re in the process of finding a PR firm for your start-up to boost sales, improve brand reputation and build positive relationships

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Elle Decoration Magazine
5 Nov 2020 Increase Your Chances For Media Coverage: What You Need To Know

All businesses must strive to gain media coverage, as it will not only create rapport with their customers but will also grow

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Woman on bus views emoji reactions
3 Nov 2020 What Is Reactive Social Media and Is Your Brand On Board?

What is Reactive Social Media? Reactive social media is used when brands use their social media platform to engage in public discussion

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Public relations agencies
30 Oct 2020 Are Micro-influencers The Next Step In Your Marketing Campaign?

Celebrity and influencer marketing has been a significant part of social media marketing

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