Small Talk

Fenty Beauty advertisement promoting concealer is highlighted in front of a Sephora storefront.
8 Oct 2020 Top 5 Beauty trends We’ve Fallen in Love With

At Piccolo PR, we are always looking out for what’s new and trending in the world of beauty. When it comes to beauty pr

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Vector image of a diverse group of young entrepreneurs as they embark on their brand building strategy.
6 Oct 2020 Why Diverse Voices and Stories Build Better Brands

Incorporating viewpoints and stories of people belonging to multicultural backgrounds, race, gender, ideologies, and beliefs

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A man in front of a mural representing crisis avoidance.
26 Sep 2020 Key Elements of Crisis Management

A crisis can be defined as an unpredictable event where the affected organization would be negatively affected.  The reputat

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Black glasses are placed on top of Peppermint magazine.
23 Sep 2020 What Makes A Successful Media Pitch?

Successful media pitches are one of the make or break ways to get people talking about your brand no matter whether you’re

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The front porch of a teal bricked home is illuminated by a flowing porchlight as ivy and greenery sprawl up the walls and around the windows and steps of the home.
18 Sep 2020 Is Social Media Necessary for Real Estate Success?

It comes to no surprise that you can find just about anything for sale over social media. As people share different snippets

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Blue typewriter is placed over a pastel pink and yellow background ready to be used for copy writing.
10 Sep 2020 How To Write Good Copy For Your Brand or Business

Launching a product in the market without creating good copy is similar to a body without a brain; it’s of no use. Copy

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