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Attending an industry event for networking can be difficult, Piccolo PR provides tips on how to network like a boss.

Piccolo PR knows… Networking is not a dirty word. How to do it like a boss!

We all know that networking is important as it widens your circle and introduces you to a group of industry professionals and strengthens your business connections that will give career advice and support. Whether it’s joining a social club, getting looped in on LinkedIn or attending an industry evening, Piccolo PR provides some tips to make this exercise less painful. Network with purpose Do your research and build a network that will enhance your career. Rather than over-exposing yourself, attend industry-specific events such as expos, product launches, and conferences where you can mingle with people who share your interests. Pay […]

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Sarah Cichy, founder of Piccolo PR.

Piccolo PR offering free support for small businesses during COVID-19

Sarah Cichy, founder of Piccolo PR has discovered a way to Pay it Forward during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing free advice and services to help small business owners navigate their way through this challenging time. Cichy has been growing businesses, brands, and reputations through strategic Marketing and PR for over a decade. She has forged solid relationships with major media outlets, represented an impressive suite of local and international brands. In the last two weeks, she and her staff at Piccolo PR have reached out to over 500 companies to help them prepare and protect themselves, think smart and […]

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Art showing how a festival can be good for marketing.

Community Outreach and How It Can Help With Your Marketing Strategy

For any business, community outreach is exceptionally crucial as it allows your brand to connect to your local community and build relationships. Here are Piccolo’s tips on how community outreach can help your business’s marketing strategy. Guest posts and their effects on SEO Guest posts are a great way to introduce yourself to a new audience and improve your website’s SEO performance. Another benefit of guest posting is that if done on a website that yields significant traffic, it will provide quality backlinks to your site, and increase your appearance on Google’s page. By making a guest post you also […]

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Art showing a welcome sign for a small business.

Top 5 tips for small businesses to design a DIY campaign

Strategy is critical. Understand where you want to go and map out a way of how you are going to get there. Now, more than ever before we need to support each other. The Piccolo PR team would love to hear from you. Together, we can workshop ideas and concepts for your brand, for promotion on talent’s social platforms as well as brand platforms. Connect to those who want to see you succeed. Your story is your currency. Remember, in order to become iconic, you need to be distinctive. Before there were emojis, posts, shares and likes people shared ideas […]

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A picture of the cover of The Little magazine.

Piccolo PR provides Top Tips on how to champion a positive PR campaign

Director of Piccolo PR, Sarah Cichy chats to The Little Magazine about how to make a successful lifestyle PR campaign. A strategy is critical. Understand where you want to go and map out a way of how you are going to get there. Be authentic- It’s a bit of a buzz word that gets tossed around a lot these days but being real – and true to yourself, your brand, and your own values – is critical. Build a natural connection with those who you are trying to influence. Stay organized and curate a list of outreach efforts. It’s important […]

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A picture of Daily Telegraph editor Catherine Nikas and marketing expert Sarah Cichy.

Small Talk with Catherine Nikas, Editor of Daily Telegraph, HOME

When women support women….and girls just wanna have fun. We are so lucky to fill each day with intelligent, wise and compassionate journalists who support our craft (and make our belly laugh). Small Talk speaks to Catherine Nikas Boulis- editor of The Daily Telegraph HOME about her career, the changing face of journalism and how to champion a positive PR campaign. Want to see more of who we work with? Check out our Clients page. 

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A picture of two women doing yoga for workplace wellness.

Piccolo PR knows… How to add wellness into your workplace

Our surroundings can play a huge role when it comes to how you feel, how productive you are, and your level of enthusiasm. So, let’s refresh for success! Think of it like this. You’d rather stay in a beautiful five-star hotel, than a dingy old motel with stained sheets and a broken bed. Why? Because your surroundings have an effect on the way you behave. Encourage a workplace environment that brings fun and festivity to the environment. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have our own office- but that’s ok.  Small changes to your desk space can make […]

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A picture of Sydney PR expert Sarah Cicy laughing with children.

Building brand loyalty by moving from product to message

Customer loyalty and, by extension, advocacy can often depend on reliable and consistent brand messaging, the integrity of a brand, it’s mission statement, what it stands for, and what it preaches to its customer base. Once a brand has that identity, consumers will be part of a family and a larger purpose, promoting a sense of belonging, including aspirational reasons for purchasing your products. Establishing a voice for your brand Brand identity is one of the most integral parts to overall success. First and foremost, your voice must be loud and focused. If you try to project multiple ethos, your […]

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A white board showing crisis reaction strategy.

Crisis Management Guideline

When it comes to the frantic pace of our workdays, many workers are often consumed with mounting to-do lists alongside deadlines that require “immediate” attention or “more important” jobs needing to be prioritized. In a crisis situation, this has the potential to lead people towards significant complications in their workflow. A crisis requires a quick response and, if mismanaged, can result in loss of profits, job loss, increased litigation, reputation damage, decreased employee morale, increased consumer activism, and reduced trust in the management of the organization. Making sure that you and your team have a well-developed crisis communication plan can […]

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An image of a nicely decorated desk with a laptop and polaroid pictures on the wall.

Creating and maintaining a productive workspace…at home

Working from home has always been this indulgent thought – something that you had to earn over time.  But now, its reality. We’re all working from home – and honestly, its not as easy as you’d think. At the start it seemed like a luxury – sleeping in, squeezing an at-home workout at 10:43 on a Tuesday and being within three metres of your kitchen for optimum snacks. While this sounds like the best of both worlds, shifting your home environment into a dynamic and creative workspace is an artform, and were here to spell it out for you. Here […]

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