Piccolo PR Knows…Why Your Business Needs SEO Now More Than Ever.

Every business is talking about SEO nowadays, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, a strategy that involves using various methods and tools to increase the visibility of websites in popular search engines. As you are building your digital marketing strategy, you should consider including SEO in your roster. Here are Piccolo’s explanations on why your business needs SEO now more than ever.

Why You Should Invest In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • E-commerce is everywhere – Now more then ever, stores are beginning to switch their sales towards e-commerce platforms, especially in the wake of Covid-19. Companies who had already started moving towards online sales fast-forwarded their plans and made their platforms more streamlined. Now, what does SEO have to do with this? If your customer is looking to purchase a particular product, many will first search the name or category of product in a search engine such as Google or Bing. Being in those first ten sites in a customer’s search means that your brand and products have a larger chance of being viewed by customers and increasing your sales. SEO is all about curating your website to make it more reliable when it comes to appearing in search queries. If your site doesn’t have an SEO strategy or an e-commerce platform, you may find yourself being left in the dust and missing out on essential sales and new customer conversions.
  • Search engine queries provide the majority of website traffic – According to a survey, 93% of internet users start their day with search engine queries. Netmarketshare also found Google owns over 70% of the search engine market share. Few people can remember the specific website address where they found their query answer. Search engines are also integrated into many default browsers, thanks to how convenient they are for the average user. Your customers have likely found your brand before on the results page of their search engines. Capitalizing on search engines is just good business sense. SEO is here to focus on refining your website ranking based on specific keywords or questions that your business or brand focuses on.
  • Good SEO brings additional effects – Good SEO usually points to better user experience and higher brand reputation. Your website’s loading speed on both desktop and mobile, website content, and even your visitors’ behaviors can all influence the strength of your SEO. By working on improving your site’s SEO, you also inadvertently create a better website experience for users, increasing organic traffic.
  • The work you put into SEO pays off – Boosting your SEO can help improve your website’s search engine ranking. With a better ranking, your website will receive more attention. Then with more awareness, your brand earns more customers. Building up SEO can be a long process but incredibly useful, especially when you create a strategy that combines organic SEO and PPC. Few other options can ensure the same improvement of brand sales and popularity when compared to SEO.
  • SEO is friendly to small businesses – As the market continues to become more saturated small businesses can have a hard time standing out, especially when it comes to online sites. Not only that, but small businesses often only have a limited amount of funds to work with when investing in their marketing strategy. Small businesses often cannot afford expensive television advertisements, and the prices for ads on social media can vary widely depending on the pages they appear on. Organic SEO, as a long-term marketing strategy, can provide a relatively cheap and secure way to improve your brand’s popularity if you’re willing to build it over time slowly. Investing in your website’s user experience is much more cost-effective than advertisement campaigns, especially for small businesses.

Whether you focus on organic SEO or a hybrid campaign that includes PPC, you won’t regret including search engine optimization in your digital marketing strategy!

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