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Why Diverse Voices and Stories Build Better Brands

Incorporating viewpoints and stories of people belonging to multicultural backgrounds, race, gender, ideologies, and beliefs are worthwhile for brands to gain credibility and trust from their audiences. A recent survey found that around 70% of consumers believe that brands should take a stand on social and political issues.

Consumers believe that when brands speak about critical social issues, they raise awareness about it, which is beneficial for the public’s welfare. Some examples include brands giving statements about “Black Lives Matter” to discussing important issues ranging from women empowerment to climate change. When working together with a PR Agency, the founder’s backstory will often be a highlight towards creating the brand’s voice and image. Kids brands founded by mothers looking for a solution to an everyday problem or desire of parents can be seen as relatable compared to a faceless big box brand. 

As more customers seek to align their values with brands and companies who take a stand and support similar issues, it becomes all the more important to build up the diverse voices behind your brand.

Brand Building With Diverse Voices and Stories

  • Break Stereotypes – Rather than sticking to the mainstream notion, break away from preconceived norms and values and stand out among competitors. ‘Women aren’t great drivers’ & ‘men aren’t supposed to cry’ are examples of two stereotypical sentiments embedded in our society due to sexism. Campaigns that bring something new to the table can give your brand an edge against competitors. Giving the varied public ideas and presenting innovative thinking of your brand will undoubtedly aid in generating sales. You could do this with a punchy campaign that creates buzz by going against traditional norms. Go on, dare to be different!
  • Enhance Representation – People are attracted to brands that they can feel a connection to. If the brand’s story showcases someone like the customer or an experience relatable to them, there is a greater chance that consumers will trust the brand. Therefore, it is essential to note that brands should be clear about their messages and target group. In videos, images, advertisements, and any other marketing technique, brands should make sure that all voices are heard and depicted. Having a diverse point of view is, to say the least, inspiring and motivates consumers to choose your brand. The portrayal of various cultures, values, and customs can also increase consumer opportunities as representation often holds immense power and influence.
  • Build Relationships  Inclusion of diverse stories and voices is important for any brand looking for accomplishment and success. Highlighting stories of marginalized groups or people from disadvantaged backgrounds can help their voices to be heard. Everyone should be given equal representation. If your brand is genuine and is unbiased and fair, it will grow and sustain a loyal consumer base. 
  • Influence Social Change  By talking about societal issues, including every perspective, and displaying various narratives, a brand can play a role in shaping opinions and worldviews. Media has a significant impact on society. If brands resort to using images, videos, and campaigns to talk about civic importance issues, then for sure, people are going to listen to them! Everyone wants to have a clear perspective and believe in what is right. If brands take the fantastic opportunity to bring a change through meaningful conversations and give insights, they should make the most of it! People will be motivated to think about the issue at hand, which will further make the brand a ‘hero’ in front of the audience’s eyes and even have a positive effect on their reliability.
  • Increase Credibility and Reach – By not shying away from portraying many stories, brands increase their reach and widen their target audience. People relate to brands which care for the society and not only about their profit. Brands should make sure that along with focusing on their marketing tactics, they do not forget to contribute to society in their way. From inclusivity to raising awareness about blood donation, all the initiatives matter and count towards making the brand’s success story.
  • Shape Brand Image – Inclusive marketing leads to brands talking about various community issues and taking a stand. According to Accenture’s research, around 51 percent of the younger generation prefers to buy products from brands that value inclusivity and diversity. By promoting their views and stance, brands gain consumers and build their brand image, proving useful in the long run with customer loyalty.
  • Prevents PR Disasters – By communicating with different consumer segments, brands gain useful information and knowledge about their consumers’ choices and cultural environment. This can help brands further implement marketing techniques in the right way, keeping the target audiences’ expectations and beliefs in mind. Such preparedness and state of awareness can avoid and prevent any PR nightmare from taking place.

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