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Which Mediums Should Your Brand Use?

Thinking of which public relations mediums you need? Here’s a rundown of the tools that you can use for brand exposure and why you need them. 



Podcasts have emerged as the go to medium for brands to reach their target audience during the pandemic. Younger audiences are moving away from curated feeds towards real stories. This is especially useful if you have a unique history behind your business, whether it’s a special tale about the person behind the brand or a rare product. 

Since it’s a fairly a new medium, the industry is less saturated than others, meaning less competition from other brands. Low competition will allow you to build an audience around your niche and expose your brand to newer customers. 

Another bonus of promoting on podcast is the accessibility. Audiences may find listening to audio easier than reading or watching a promoted post or video. With podcasting, consumers can learn about your brand while cooking, going for a walk or travelling. 


Media relations 

If your goal is to develop a trustworthy and credible brand, then media relations is a must. Consider this the basis of your public relations journey as it delivers the most benefits a business strives for. Compared to marketing and advertising, media relations not only builds awareness for a brands, but also develops trusting relationships with members of the media, which can help you brand in the long run. 

Media relations can help you control a communication crisis. The relationships built with the media in the past can be crucial in a ‘PR nightmare’. Poor communication with the media can cause you immense harm, so it’s important to send a statement as soon as you can. A brand with positive relationships with the media can control their reputation better.  


Social media

Social media is great way to pass the media and go directly to your audience. Social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok will let you interact with customers, share your products/services, and create unique and exciting content. 

Creating a strong online presence can benefit your business in numerous ways such as: 

  • Attracting consumers, gaining new customers, and receiving feedback 
  • Developing customer loyalty and building trust
  • Keeping up to date with competitors
  • Targeting specific groups of consumers and communicating on a personal bias. 
  • Generating sales through brand reach and consumer engagement 



A public relations event is a great chance to showcase your brand’s product/service and message to the public visibly. There’s no point in organising a brand event if there’s no one’s there to spread the message. Here’s where public relations comes in! They can help generate the buzz and hype around the event by inviting well-respected journalists, editors, influencers, and consumers. It’s all about strengthening the message behind your brand, so take your time socialising and building relationships. 



Key leaders of a business, such as directors, executives, or general managers, can deliver speeches on the brand’s service/product or it’s policies. Giving speeches at events where your target audience is likely to attend can help establish your brand and position you as a leader in your niche. Building your image as a leader also builds awareness around your brand, attracting newer customers. Before speaking, carefully prepare your speech to effectively receive positive impressions from various groups of people. 


Exhibitions or Trade Shows 

Every business wants audiences’ eyes on their products, an exhibition, fair or a trade show are all great ways to expose your brand to the general public. Trade shows are usually targeted for an industry or at the individuals involved in a particular industry. Showcasing at a trade show not only advertises your brand but, also allows you to observe your competitors. Exhibitions are for larger and diverse groups of audiences, allowing you to exhibit your business to a wider group and gain opinions from consumers. 


Press Release

Press releases are ways to garner attention, create newsworthy stories and establish your name in the media. This is your chance to show what your product is and the meaning behind your brand. Its purpose is to get a brand’s message out to target media in a factual, relevant, and efficient way that allows your voice to be heard. A well written press release can be a cost-effective tool to have the media’s eyes on you when making any newsworthy announcement. 

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