Top 5 Wellness Trends That We Love

With increased workloads and faster-paced lifestyles, people are looking to wellness to stay sane. There is no doubt that the wellness industry is booming as people are genuinely working towards staying fit, both physically and mentally, to get a breather from the hectic and stressful way of life that has become extremely common. It is essential to take care of our body and mind, and indulge in activities which give us mental peace, relaxation and keep us charged up. “Health is wealth” is a quote we should always keep at the back of our mind and never stop prioritizing our health over anything else.

At Piccolo PR, we love seeing new trends develop in the wellness world, so here are some of our current favorites:


Nature Heals

The one thing we absolutely love is going out in lush greenery and letting ourselves free in the wilderness. Nature as a form of self-care is increasingly becoming popular with even doctors recommending spending time in our precious environment to feel better. Scenic lakes, green fields, mountains, forests and the never-ending ocean are the best gifts given to mankind. When feeling low or having a bad day, a walk in a park is enough to make you feel rejuvenated and fresh. That’s the magic of nature and delightfully people have begun to realize the presence of this magic which is a significant wellness trend and much loved by us!


Health & Sustainability

One of the most amazing wellness trends which we have fallen in love with is the merging of sustainability and wellness. A good thing which 2020 has brought is that we have become more aware and concerned for our planet! People have realized that climate change is real and for us to stay safe, it is extremely significant that our planet is taken care of. Brands are transitioning into making organic products and trying to use and propagate healthy soil to grow food to help us remain in good health. With new innovative techniques in the field of agriculture, brands are promising to work for the welfare of protecting the environment and providing safe products for our consumption.


Focus on Emotional Wellness

This year has been hard on all of us, no matter which part of the world we are in, the pandemic has affected each one of us in some way or another. During this time, it’s essential to put our efforts in something which will make us feel better, safe and sound. Being at peace mentally is something which we all want to attain. Taking care of our emotional needs is as important as being fit physically. No doubt that, feeling happy and content from inside is imperative if we want to look good on the outside. The wellness trend which has found hold is staying connected to your family and friends. Talk to someone, share your feelings. It may be a therapist, your mom, a best-friend, a neighbour or even a long-lost friend but do make sure that you are not struggling alone and fighting the bubbles in your head recklessly. Emotional healing classes are in trend and people are eager to learn a lot including the tips and tricks of forgiving oneself, the art of letting go and how to find happiness in the little things.


Mindful Eating

A wellness trend to follow is mindful eating. Being aware of your body’s needs and filling your plate according to the requirement is something we encourage. The important thing to do is to control the urge to eat junk. Be calm, composed and relaxed. Don’t give in to your urges; remember you are stronger than that. Listen to your body, it is the best indicator. Your body will give you the signal when you are hungry, but be careful of the false signals. Sometimes, you feel like eating, although you just had something a little while back. That’s not because your body is hungry but because you are bored. People generally get confused between that and overeat, which is not required and can have consequences. Watching how much your body requires and sticking to that is a good way to maintain your health. Eating in small proportions throughout the day is also a good option to make sure you’re not binge eating.


Spend Time Unwinding

Taking rest and spending time with yourself is significant to be your best version. Limit your screen time and try to relax with your eyes closed. Begin your day by practicing yoga, meditation or simple breathing techniques to calm your mind. That makes a huge difference and will give your day a positive start. Go out for a walk in free time or read a book. Follow a sleep schedule and make sure you’re getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep.  Take a break – you deserve it!

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