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Piccolo PR knows…. TikTok is trending

TikTok launched in 2018 and now, in 2020 there are more than 1 million active monthly users.

So, what is TikTok?

Piccolo PR knows that it’s the number one video-sharing social media platform which has been downloaded over 1.1 billion times across 154 countries.

TikTok is mostly made up of 15- 60 second music and lip-sync videos as well as short looping videos. Simply film, add music and share with your community of followers.

Because of TikTok’s music-centric set-up, TikTok has become a launchpad outside of the traditional industry for budding artists who could see their songs go viral for uses in dances and challenges on the app.


But wait. Don’t take TikTok too seriously. Most videos are comedic, spontaneous and genuine. It’s all about Real People and Real Videos.

Connect with the young audience

In 2020 more than 70% of TikTok audience falls under 15-24 years old age bracket. The network is super popular for teens and Generation Z.

Low production costs

The best quality of TikTok is that developing content on this platform is quick and easy.  Developing fast content will ensure more impressions and enable you to monitor insights and engagement.

Future marketing platform

TikTok is very popular for viral Hashtag Challenges. It also enables brands to explore influencer collaborations and tutorials.
Advertising on TikTok is still at the embryonic and testing stage.

OK, so I guess it’ time to go live?!

Perhaps consider making live streaming part of your marketing plan.

Create your own TikTok account and post engaging content for your brand or products and earn rewards. TikTok’s popularity and influence has only continued to spread.

If you need help setting up a TikTok Marketing Campaign in 2020, contact Piccolo PR’s social media team.

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