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Make The Perfect Landing Page with Piccolo PR’s Top Tips

Make The Perfect Landing Page with Piccolo PR’s Top Tips

Have you experienced that impulse to explore more about a brand as soon as you clicked on their link and saw the landing page? Something inside this page aroused your curiosity and turned you from a casual visitor to a potential customer. Following Piccolo PR’s tips, you can create a more energetic landing page that embraces new customers!

  • Clarify its function  The landing page is nothing like the home page. Your visitors may click the link of your landing page to make the payment, see the promotion, search for the information they need, or log in to their account. So, be clear about what this landing page is designed for and remove any unnecessary elements that will slow down the user experience while focusing on what will help conversion rates.
  • Prepare useful tools to assist  Proper tools can save you many long nights when designing the landing page. Software options like Lander, Unbounce, Landing Page Builder, etc. can offer many useful templates and models to work from when creating the landing page design.
  • Keep it simple – A clean and focused landing page that can draw visitors’ eyes immediately to where you would like your conversions is critical. If your current landing page contains redundant wording and overwhelming design choices, it may distract the audience’s attention and cause them to bounce from your page prematurely before making a conversion.
  • Create a punchy headline  Sometimes, a punchy and powerful headline can be more effective than a hundred words. However, it’s essential to consider where to use your eye-catching headline. For example, a login page may not be the right choice for the headline to land on, but a promotion page usually is. Remember the function of your landing page and adjust accordingly.
  • Use images to illustrate  A single image can contain much more information than you think. It can also be the most efficient way to convey the idea of your landing page strategy at the same time. Images are an easy way to keep the landing page as straightforward as possible while also setting it apart from your competitors.
  • Include testimonials from past clients  The positive comments and reviews from previous customers can be the best advertisements for your future sales. Whether it’s a high-level feature in a magazine or online publication, or just online customer reviews, potential customers want to know that they can trust your brand. These praises allow new customers to connect and see that others have worked with you and your brand and that it is more than a faceless website. Including testimonials or reviews can help your brand earn trust and convert casual visitors into customers. If you have any of these comments, show them off on your landing page!
  • Leave your contact methods  After visitors finishing their browsing, many of them could have further questions to ask. Don’t forget to leave an easy way to contact you and your team somewhere easily visible on the landing page.

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