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Keeping Track of Success: How Google Analytics Can Help Shape Your Strategy

Online marketing is never an easy thing. To figure out whether your strategy is working effectively, you must first begin collecting the data on your audiences, traffic channels, and the most traffic-heavy parts of your website.

This may seem a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Tools such as Google Analytics will fulfill most of your requirements, which is why it’s Piccolo’s recommendation for analyzing and adapting your marketing strategy. Let’s find out how Google Analytics can help pave your way to success!

Analyzing Traffic With Google Analytics

Under the Acquisition section, you can get profound data on how your audiences access your brand’s website: from social media, search engines, website addresses, and referrals. Google Analytics also pays special attention to social media. You can also see here which social media platform is bringing you the most traffic.

With the collected data, you can adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. For example, if you find your audiences mostly coming from social media, instead of search engine queries, then it may be time to beef up your website’s SEO. You could also double down by investing more advertising into your social media budget and bolster closer engagement with your target audience on your accounts.

Understanding your Audiences

By clicking the Audience section of Google Analytics you open up another one of its useful key functions. It is here that your audiences’ age, gender, and location can be accessed, allowing you to understand whether or not you are succeeding with your specific marketing demographic and whether or not you should adjust your strategy based on the data.

For example, if your brand targets teenagers with your marketing strategy, you may be satisfied with the analytic data that the age of the majority of your audience falls mainly into the category of 13-18. Otherwise, it implies that your brand should change its strategy, which may better fit your brand’s market positioning.

Customer Behavior Research

Understanding the behaviors of your audience is as crucial as their identity. The Behavior section in Google Analytics can guide you through routine questions that may determine how your team adjusts your strategy. Which part of your website is most frequently visited? Which is the typical landing and exit page of your audiences?

By understanding your customer’s behavior, you begin to understand where your website may need adjustments, stronger wording, or clearer information to create conversions. You always want to polish your site so that it is easy for casual visitors to become potential customers. The behavior sector can help you check whether your marketing strategy has reached your target audience, and whether or not they are following the groundwork you have laid out for increasing sales. By having this type of data, you can adjust and refine your marketing strategy in small increments to create a winning formula.

Give it a shot and the Google Analytics will not fail you!

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