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Is Social Media Necessary for Real Estate Success?

It comes to no surprise that you can find just about anything for sale over social media. As people share different snippets of their lives, users are drawn to what everyone else has, whether it’s the latest fashion or up-and-coming lifestyle trends. Real estate is no different and can showcase lavish homes in trendy cities with all the best amenities. With only a simple Instagram account, agencies can begin sharing beautiful homes with Real Estate agents becoming influencers as their posts are headed straight to their market. It doesn’t stop there; Facebook and Instagram advertisements can take advantage of the wide range of users on these platforms and boost recognition of both the Real Estate agency and their properties. 

How To Use Social Media For Real Estate

Everyone wants to know what’s on-trend. Users from various social media platforms stay up to date by following their favorite ‘influencers’ to help keep them in the know. Although it’s a little different for the real estate market, social media is still vital in reaching a more comprehensive number of consumers while developing brand recognition of yourself and agency. The reason for this is because social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook serve as a once stop shop for users to both be inspired, make purchases, and influence others. If you’re in the property industry, it is a wise idea to start sharing your latest properties for sale and rent, and even past property you’ve sold to showcase your experience and let users know that you work consistently. This will create trust and allows you to bond with potential customers or Instagram followers. By building connections and posting consistently, more users will engage with your content. Not every single one of your social media posts needs to be about your current properties or sales, as sharing and creating humorous and or visually alluring images can also effectively engage viewers. Whether it is a scenic balcony view, inspirational quote, girl boss hashtag, or real estate meme, you can slowly develop a persona for your account as followers are drawn in. Users will share and look forward to what the realtor or real estate agency shares, helping reach many potential customers. 

Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Social Media advertisements are perfect for targeting both property investors and buyers, as the ads are generated with a specific audience in mind. These targeted ads appear to users when particular criteria are met, including recent web searches or typical website visits. Ads for real estate can be targeted towards users who have done recent searches for property in their area, home rentals, and more. Soon your advertisements will begin appearing in their feeds and allow users to become aware of your agency on some surface level. If they click on your ad, you can also create settings for the advertisement to follow their digital footprint to keep them thinking about the investment. These ads may seem as though they are listening in on your thoughts with how promptly they appear in feeds, but targeted ads are simply based on what google searches and cookies from websites. As data is slowly gathered about users’ current interests, ads will soon begin to shift their social media feeds and pester them into the engagement.

If you have yet to join social media platforms, it may be wise to collaborate with other team members in your agency or other real estate agents that are friends. It can be useful for both parties as you share each other’s followers, engaging a broader audience for you both. Collaborations add value to both your businesses and builds relationships with a broader reach. 

Lets’ be honest; if you see an advert often, you will be drawn to it and eventually click it. You’ll be in shock that it came straight to you like it was fate. This is how paid advertising can add to the list of benefits for real estate agents. Paid advertisements on Facebook or Instagram not only reaches your audience but adds an entirely new audience that hasn’t begun following you.

Real Estate Social Media Posts

Instagram and Facebook give individuals ways to contact each other, whenever and wherever. These social media platforms not only have given us new forms of communication, but they have also allowed businesses to go directly to their customers, regardless of the industry. Digital marketing strategies have changed to fit this new digital landscape and transformed real estate marketing into a two-way process. In saying this, visitors, clients, and people can directly share their feedback and opinions to the real estate firm. For realtors, using social media is the easiest way to maximize growth and stay connected. 

The amount of social media users is countless and goes into the billions. Why not take advantage of this vast digital market rather than relying on brick and mortar advertising like back in the day. It is beneficial for real estate marketers to use these platforms to attract buyers by sharing new property listings frequently. Regardless of whether the engagement has come from Facebook or Instagram, the content must be consistently shared as it plays a large role in credibility and brand promotion. Realtors need to create an engagement plan with their followers and viewers. This can be done by planning a social media schedule for the latest posts or getting a consultation with a top P.R. firm on digital and social media marketing strategies for your agency. This is effective as you can stay well connected with your clients virtually.

Overall, the advertisement dynamic has changed; we no longer opt for the newspaper or paper articles to see the latest property listings. We jump on the web to find out the latest listings, even minutes after they’ve been posted. This phenomenon is not limited to real estate but many other areas of interest, such as the beauty, lifestyle, and wellness market. It is highly beneficial for real estate agencies and realtors to share their upcoming or sold properties. This creates a bond, a trust with target audiences and creates a sales strategy for their digital marketing efforts. Paid advertisements can even reach customers across the globe and invite them to see the beauty of other parts of the world. Whether you’re in L.A. or Melbourne, paid advertisements for real estate help to promote both your agency, travel, and tourism in the area. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to share those listings. 

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