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Influencer Engagement And Why It’s Critical For Your Beauty Brand

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In today’s times, a brand needs to put itself out there to capture their audience’s attention. The beauty industry is fast-paced and always looking for the latest makeup, skincare, and wellness trends, which makes standing out in the saturated market all the more difficult. Beauty brands will often collaborate with influencers on social media platforms to reach a more comprehensive number of consumers while also increasing their brand recognition. Today’s audiences use social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube to follow their favorite beauty influencers and keep tabs on new emerging products and brands endorsed by them. This trend is now being added to the playbook of professional beauty PR agencies as another tool for creating engaging campaign strategies that focus on digital and social media for growing brand awareness. There’s no second thought that influencer marketing will continue to grow and flourish.

Piccolo PR is here to give you an insight into how engaging with influencers plays a crucial role in promoting your beauty brand:

Beauty Brands and Influencers

*Image provided by Shhh Silk

  • Consumers trust influencers – There’s a relationship built between an influencer and her loyal followers. These followers look up to the influencer and are inclined towards buying the brands endorsed by them. The reason for this? Unlike companies or businesses, influencers have a face and share a commonality with their audience. This approachability allows them to speak frankly with their audience about what they do and do not like about products. Consumers have a belief that if their favorite person is promoting the brand, then it must be reliable.
  • Influencers have personal connections with their followers – Influencers not only promote brand and products on their social media channels, but they also share their personal lives with the audiences. They upload their pictures and videos and even include their daily routines on their social accounts, much like the average user. This makes their followers feel closer to them, increasing the chances of buying products from the brands that the influencer promotes.
  • Influencer reviews are significant – An essential step in influencer marketing is when influencers upload their reviews of your brand’s beauty products through social media like Instagram stories, posts, or youtube reviews. A growing number of influencer reviews can also be found on the platform, Influenster. These reviews can either give your product positive or negative feedback, which audiences will keenly note. Depending on the strength of the influencer, this can either make or break a brand. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your influencers is highly beneficial, which is why you can work together with beauty PR firms like Piccolo PR to gain access to established influencer contacts in the beauty industry.
  • Content uploaded by Influencers is relatable – Influencers are also ordinary people just like the rest. Still, the difference is that they have a platform to share their views and opinions about products and brands they enjoy. However, it is essential to collaborate with influencers according to their niche so that you both share aligning brand values. For example, if your beauty brand focuses on retinol or anti-aging products, you may not see quite the success you were looking for if you collaborate with someone that maintains a teen or tween audience. That being said, once the influencer understands your brand’s main message and values, then they should be successful in delivering thoughtful and engaging online content.
  • Campaigns on social media play a huge role – It’s the brand’s responsibility to provide a well-researched and written brief to influencers that contain all of the campaign objectives, goals, and expectations. If you are working with a specialized beauty PR firm, then the brief will follow the digital or social media strategy you have outlined together for your business. It is essential to provide the influencers with all the required information to effectively use their creativity.

With all that in mind, you can see just how impactful working together with influencers can be for a beauty brand. Whether you’re in Melbourne or Los Angeles, working together with a professional beauty PR agency will allow you access to established influencer contacts that can help take your beauty brand to new heights through social media engagement strategies.

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